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Classes & Skills[edit | edit source]

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The game offers you many ways of customizing the gameplay to your liking. Fair enough, you will need time to progress through enough levels before you can notice major differences. However, there will be a class for almost every type of the gameplay, whether you like to fight, trade, mine or pirate. For now, only the basic Marshal class is available, but it's our priority to change that in the near future.

This page is still a WIP (Work In Progress), so the presented information will probably be changed and rebalanced.

Marshal[edit | edit source]

Charger Description
Shield Recharge Improves your Shield recharge rate.
Power Recharge Improves your Power recharge rate.
Energy Recharge Improves your Energy recharge rate.
Ability Cooldown Decreases the cooldown of your abilities.
Equipment Cooldown Decreases the cooldown of your equipment.
Cyber Description
Inhibit Reduces enemies speed and maneuverability.
System Disable Increases the chance to disable enemies weapons.
Life Support Sabotage Reduce effectiveness of troops of your enemy.
Power Saving Will be added later.
Weaken Reduces affected ship's resistance.
Testudo Description
Energy Conversion Will be added later.
Plasma Defense Increases your resistance from Plasma weapons.
Energy Defense Increases your resistance from Energy bursts.
Projectile Defense Increases your resistance from projectiles.
Damage Return Return a percentage of the received damage to its source.
Gunslinger Description
Overpower Increases Light Weapon's damage.
Damage Tech Will be added later.
Rate of Fire Increases your rate of fire.
Irradiate Additional radiation damage.
AoE Damage Will be added later.