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HEROES[edit | edit source]

Gemini is a home to all sorts of people. Some are special characters (but nonstory characters). They exist constantly, unlike their random encounter counterparts that spawn in the player’s vicinity. These are so called heroes.

From time to time, their position in Gemini might become public via the Gemini News Bulletin found on stations and planets. Player might also pay for information on their whereabouts in dialogues with ships traveling through Gemini. Another method to gain info on a hero is by either hacking into a Relay satellite, or by transporting Troopers to it so they can directly access the Satellite’s mainframe.

Every one of these “heroes” has a side quest linked to them. This quest is available from the very beginning of the game and the goal is simple: destroy them. A hefty bounty is paid for the destruction of each hero, but the trick is that they level-up with the player and each hero has a specialty that makes him hard to track down and destroy.

The hero’s customized ship can also be captured which is a special added reward on its own.

The list of all active heroes is always available to the player via the Starchart screen, together with their last known location and level/rank.