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This is the page for the factions of Starpoint Gemini 2. If you're looking for the factions of Starpoint Gemini Warlords, go to SPGW Factions.

The Second Gemini War of 2296 changed the system forever. Because of the reopening of the Starpoint, the Earth Empire's fleet, led by Grand Admiral Cavurian, has retaken Carthagena and the regions around the Starpoint. The Gemini League has grown into the Gemini Protectorate, Korkyra has become a more open and democratic nation, while the remnants of the old Triumvirate have taken Thauria as their foothold, refusing to let go of the power they once had and locked with a bitter war with the Korkyrans. The Nyxian Consortium is despised by all of Gemini due to their siding with the Directorate in the war, but are showing signs of regret for their actions. And of all things, a mysterious organization, the Brotherhood, are working havoc across the system, laying the groundwork for an invasion of a strange nation never seen before.

Starpoint Gemini 2's factions work on a Lawful/Outlaw axis, with Outlaw factions belonging to the negative (left) side and the Lawful on the positive (right) side of the bar. As Adrian progresses to the negative side, he gets in better standing with the Outlaw factions. Same goes for the lawful factions, only on the positive side.

Behavior of every individual faction depends on that reputation bar and specific points on it. The following example will show behavior dependency on Reputation for Korkyra and Rogues. Korkyra will act friendly towards the player when player’s Reputation is +2000 points and over. When player’s Reputation drops below -1000 points, Korkyran ships will attack the player on sight. In between is “neutral” behavior.Rogues on the other hand will act friendly when player’s Reputation drops below -2450 points, and they will attack him on sight when it crosses over +150 points.

As can be seen from the above example, there is no possible way to be in good standing with all factions. There are variations, but the basic idea is the player chooses to be either lawful or outlaw. More parameters are taken into account, but this sketch is the simplified version suited to explain the basic principles.

Image Name Info
Iolian pact.jpg Iolian Pact The Iolian Pact was formed through a mutual agreement of MultiOps and interested independent sectors after the last civil war with a single goal: economic wealth and security through mutual interests of all parties. The Iolian Pact is formally a democratic state with the president as head figure, but it is well known that all decisions are made on congresses organized by MultiOps. Currently the presidential position is held by James Woolridge, a well-known industrialist and former CEO of MultiOps Industries.
Mycaena.jpg Mycaena The Mycaena cluster is a well-known refuge for mercenaries, former military personnel and other misfits. Commander Gerrard Fromm, a former Directorate admiral, holds all the power in Mycaena. In the past both Nyx and the Directorate tried to conquer the region, but both failed when they reached Masada, the most powerful and well-defended station in Gemini. Their highly organized tactics and brilliant defense strategies proved to be too tough to beat every time. Seeing as they offer their services as mercenaries, most factions conclude it is better to be on their good side if they ever need to hire them.
Nyxian Consortium.jpg Nyxian Consortium The Nyxian Consortium is an alliance of powerful, and more importantly, very wealthy city states originating on the planet Nyx. It is one of the oldest organized states in Gemini, with their history stretching back to the time of the first civil war. After the Empire invaded Gemini, Nyx got involved with them expecting their fast victory, all with the goal to be a part of the new governing structure. Ever since the Empire slowed down and halted their conquest, the relations between Nyx and the Empire have been growing colder.
Traders Association.jpg Free Traders Association The Free Traders Association is a powerful organization of wealthy traders and companies. They possess no military of their own, but hire mercenary groups to protect them and their investments. Their ability to circumvent any trade embargo or supply deficit makes them a very powerful friend to have. In general they don't deal with petty conflicts directly; they just tend to profit from them.
Wastelanders.jpg Wastelanders One man's trash is another man's treasure, it is said. Wastelanders take that very seriously. What started out as a loose guild of dangerous waste disposers ended up as a more or less organized state with the Wasteland region as their foothold. Travelers mostly steer clear of their territory due to the danger of extreme radiation. It is said, though not confirmed, that Wastelanders have contracts with almost all Gemini factions to dispose of their unwanted dangerous waste; contracts worth billions of Credits. They aren't liked by anyone, but tolerated by all except Nexus. Ruins of Tesla station, found in the Wastelands is a point of constant bickering and conflict between the two neighbors.
Nexus.jpg Nexus Nexus is one of the most secretive and isolated states in Gemini. Thomas Scott, a renowned scientist and fighter for a unified Gemini, is now a reclusive, but authoritative figure in Nexus. What information does come from Nexus speak of radical ideas of pacifying Gemini by any means necessary. That information was never confirmed. One thing is certain, entering Nexus territory without permission never ends well. Disappearance of several hundred ships can be directly linked to the Nexus security force.
Gemini Protectorate.jpg Gemini Protectorate The Gemini Protectorate is what is left of the once great Gemini League; a powerful organization that aimed to free Gemini from Imperial oppression and bring peace to all its citizens. The Protectorate's territory is centered on Freiburg Station, one of their main strongholds in the last civil war. It is currently led by Dmitry Kuzhev, but rumors say the Protectorate is in danger of being ripped apart by an internal power struggle. Such rumors have not yet been confirmed.
Trinity Free States.jpg Trinity Free States The Trinity Free States came to existence as an attempt of several independent sectors to gain strength and influence in the Gemini political scene. Their somewhat pacifistic alignment makes them a very desirable target for rogue elements, which is why Trinity endorsed the Gladius Group, the strongest mercenary group in Gemini, to create its headquarters inside Trinity's borders. Trinity's main focus is trade and transport, though that is slowly changing as their power grows.
Directorate.jpg Directorate The Third Colonial Directorate was once the Empire's right hand in Gemini, but has now fallen to be one of its worst enemies. In a world where their former master needs them no longer, the Directorate is slowly but firmly finding its own heading. They have proven to be masters of adaptation. Even when surrounded by enemies that greatly exceed them in numbers, they have persisted and managed to form a stable, though totalitarian regime in the region of Veynor. Political analysts believe the Directorate's on-going war with the Empire will ultimately be their undoing.
Empire.jpg Earth Empire After the Gateway wormhole that connected Gemini and Sol was reopened, vast Imperial fleets pushed into Gemini, lashing at all those who opposed them. Their advance was fast, but eventually slowed down, though not before they made a significant foothold in the star system. Powerful Gemini factions can only suspect what their final intentions are, but at the moment the Imperial giant stands still in the center of Gemini. The Imperial enclave in Gemini is commanded by Grand Admiral Cavurian. For all intents and purposes, he is the military commander and political leader of the Empire in Gemini.
Baeldor Republic.jpg Baeldor Republic The Baeldor Republic is one of the oldest Gemini factions, originating from the time of the first civil war that ravaged the system. It has undergone major restructuring during the last decade, creating what is today a trilateral democratic federation of three semi-independent baronies: Maginot, Sentchuk and Helmsford. All three share the senate as equals, with the presiding chairman as the spokesman who holds no direct power of decision making, but does have a certain degree of influence. This position has been held by Carlos Figueroa, a distinguished Baeldor military figure, for two consecutive 4 year terms and if it wasn't for him, the Republic would probably be no more. Independence movements in the baronies have been gradually gaining strength and analysts believe it is only a matter of time before the Republic splits.
Korkyra.jpg Korkyra In the aftermath of the second Gemini war, the strength of the former Korkyran Triumvirate has diminished. Weakened by inner elements, the Triumvirate eventually split in two. Korkyra as the more free-minded and democratic state, and the Thaurian Alliance that stayed obsessively true to the basic fundamental ideas of the Triumvirate's autocratic policies. The Grand Arbiter, Christopher Derrick still holds the most power in Korkyra, but the state has undergone drastic changes in its political structure. The most important change is that the government is now elected by the people and security forces are no longer arbiter-appointed judicators, but conscripted and volunteered soldiers. The war with the Thaurian Alliance still rages across the Heraclean Stretch and the Land of Despair; with no end in sight.
GSE.jpg GSE Gemini Space Engineering (GSE) is a corporation employed on all of the largest constructions in Gemini. Almost all post-war structures were constructed by the GSE. The corporation started out as a joint relief effort by the former Korkyran Triumvirate, Gemini League and the newly formed Trinity Free states to aid the ravaged regions of Gemini. After several years, harsh times fell upon the Trimuvirate causing it to split into two and the League to dissipate. The GSE prevailed however by the sheer power of accumulated Credits and connections, but perhaps more importantly... they were too important. Progress of the entire star system depended on quick expansion and construction of spatial behemoths. Only the GSE had the needed production capacity.
Thaurian Alliance.jpg Thaurian Alliance Shortly after judicator Christopher Derrick assumed the position of Grand Arbiter of the Korkyran Triumvirate, he started changing the foundation of the Triumvirate's structure, shifting the country from an autocratic, despotic regime to a more open and democratic society. In some parts of the Triumvirate this was hailed, while in others it was scorned. Disgruntled Judicators and Arbiters led their fleets in an attempt to overthrow Derrick, but ultimately failed. The civil war ended in the secession of Aegis, a Korkyran border region, which became the heart of the Thaurian Alliance. The Alliance spread further into Union territory by conquering the ore-rich Tempest region, and into the Chrysalis Belt which is still disputed by Porphyria. The Thaurian military strength however ensured that peace treaties were signed. To this day, the Thaurian Alliance wages war with Korkyra, rejecting the Grand Arbiter Derrick as the ruler.
Union.jpg Union Barely a year after the end of the second Gemini war, the more disgruntled members and Guildmasters separated from the Miners' Guild and used their significant influence and funds to rally independent sectors under their rule in what was to become the Union. The monopoly the Union enjoys on mineral extraction in their ore-rich territories has granted them a place of power and influence. Politically the Union’s organization resembles that of a gigantic corporation, led by two executives. Currently those positions are filled by Helmut Spitz and Vanessa Burton.
Sanctuary.jpg Sanctuary Sanctuary is led by the self-proclaimed peacekeepers of Gemini. Any aggression in Sanctuary space is met with fierce reaction by their formidable security fleet. Other, more distrusting views of the Sanctuary speak of them as diplomatic traders and spies, willing to sell their knowledge of the Gemini factions to the highest bidder.
Hub.jpg The Hub There is no stronger brain trust outside of Nexus' borders than the Hub. When Nexus started its isolationist policy, the leaders of the former Gemini League cell from Sagittarius Station gave refuge to a large colony of Nexus scientists. From this the Hub was formed. It gradually expanded to occupy its new borders. Nexus however cannot forget their “treason” and rumors of Nexus-funded assassinations in Hub territory have lately been on the rise.
Triad.jpg Triad The Triad is an elusive assortment of drug barons, crime lords and other questionable elements, centered on Lunaee station in the Triangle. The organization started out as collectors of Rift Dust, a very powerful and highly addictive drug, exclusively found in the Triangle dust cloud. What makes them particularly interesting is the fact that the Triad is slowly but surely molding itself into an organized state. It is suspected they will attempt to influence local outlaw groups in the Outerlands and if they succeed, they just might become a key player in that part of Gemini; perhaps in all of Gemini.
LaGarde Province.jpg LaGarde Province The LaGarde family from Mycaena supported the rise of Mycaena as an independent faction after second Imperial invasion. After investing heavily in this endeavor, they were assured in their place as new supreme leaders of Mycaena. However, an army of mercenaries, pirates and freelancers they hired realized they could do a lot better on their own. The LaGarde family was hunted down. A few members of that proud and well-connected family, led by the so-called Lord James LaGarde escaped to Trinity and used their wealth to establish a network of well-paid mercenaries and raiders. Eventually they managed to take hold of a small region now known as the LaGarde Province.
MultiOps.jpg MultiOps MultiOps Industries is probably the most powerful company in Gemini, but even they couldn't turn their heads away from what was going on in the system. New players started to gain ground on them swiftly and like any company, they reorganized and restructured. The result was their alliance with independent sectors to form the Iolian Pact, which provides them with all the security and boost they needed. Today, they are still the leading provider of goods, equipment and ships in Gemini, dwarfing even the Traders Association and the Nyxian Consortium in sheer profit.
Omega Transport.jpg Omega Transport Omega Transport can trace its roots back to the first colonies in Gemini. It was the main shipping company in the system. The wars that ravaged Gemini left deep scars, however, and the company has not yet recovered, if it ever will. The company’s primary goal is to offer an alternative to Mars Shipping's monopoly.
Madeira Constructions.jpg Madeira Constructs Madeira Constructs is a deep-space construction oriented company, with its headquarters and factories situated in Nyxian space. Their strong ties to the Consortium are believed by many to be a hindering factor to the company’s growth.
Exac Raw Materials.jpg Exac Raw Materials As its name implies, Exac Raw Materials primarily deals in mining and refining raw ore and gases. Their vast refineries are able to prepare and ship enormous amounts of materials onto the Gemini market. As is the case with Madeira Constructs, ties to the not-so-beloved Nyxian government are a hindrance, but Exac managed to circumvent that obstacle by signing lucrative deals with the Traders Association.
NeoPhysics.jpg NeoPhysics NeoPhysics was created and originally led by the legendary scientist Elenor Ridley. After a while she resigned her position and left NeoPhysics to continue her work as a freelance scientist. Her alleged “difference of opinion” from the Nexus leaders, specifically Thomas Scott, is rumored to have been the main reason for her leaving the company. Corroborating that story is the fact that NeoPhysics drastically changed its goals and interests since Dr. Ridley’s resignation.
Advanced Arms Inc.jpg Advanced Arms Inc. In an attempt to break down their scientific research into specific fields, Nexus founded several institutes, organized more like companies to carry out individual portions of R&D. Advanced arms Inc. is one of those institutes that specializes in vessel equipment.
TriACorp.jpg TriaCorp Trinity Armoring Corporation is a government funded company involved in research and development of high-tech weaponry and ship equipment. As the Trinity Free States grew in territory, influence and sheer financial power, so did the need to protect all of that. TriaCorp was founded to counteract the potential dangers looming on the horizon from all directions.
Gladius Group.jpg Gladius Group Gladius Group rose from the ashes of the Mercenary Guild decimated by the Gemini League during the last civil war. Their focus is bounty hunting... and they do it extremely well. Most of the new members are tough veterans from all factions, with years of experience under their belt. Gladius Group is led by Manfred Beck, also known as "The Reaper", famous for his daring assassinations which he usually conducted in plain sight.
Mars Shipping.jpg Mars Shipping Mars Shipping has rooted itself in Gemini's industry and trade more than any other company. Their reliability and vast shipping fleet, accompanied by their own security forces are all the insurance other parties need to outsource transport duties to Mars Shipping.
IonTech.jpg IonTech Dortmund Station, situated at the very edge of the Maelstrom region, houses IonTech's headquarters. Unsurprisingly, their main focus is development of various weapon systems, most of which on contract with the Baeldor government.
SupraTravel.jpg SupraTravel Supratravel is Gemini's leading organization in maintaining the T-Gates' functionality. Their firm grip on their monopoly was strengthened further by the company's major investments in upgrading hyper-travel technology. The Riftway Grid is the pinnacle of SupraTravel's R&D sector.
AI Robotics.jpg AI Robotics AI Robotics started out as a division of the Hub's science council, but as time passed and the group grew stronger, they managed to separate from their “masters” and enter the big scene as an important and independent player.
Bosseron Enterprises.jpg Bosseron Enterprises "Versatile" is probably the best way to describe Bosseron Enterprises. Unlike most companies, this giant has interest in almost all aspects of Gemini's life; from food, housing, space construction, weapons manufacturing… If there’s Credits to be earned, Bosseron is likely already there, or on the way. Versatility, however, comes with a price, as the company so far has never excelled at any particular field."
HeraCorp.jpg HeraCorp During the last days of the Korkyran Triumvirate, a special edict was decreed. This edict was the foundation of HeraCorp as a government-funded research and development institute. All non-essential technology patents were to be sold off to fund the more advanced ideas. As time passed, HeraCorp was partially privatized to allow greater expansion and faster development. To this day, Heracorp remains the main R&D consultant and developer of the Korkyran military.
Mendoza Foodstuffs.jpg Mendoza Foodstuffs Mendoza Foodstuffs is a young upstart company founded in the Thaurian Alliance by a group of free entrepreneurs. Their declared goal is to bring relief to the ever-growing food market in Gemini and more than anything to prevent great food shortages, like the one that happened several years ago, when unusually strong solar storm destroyed and irradiated vast amounts of fertile land on more than half the planets in the system.
Wright Chemicals.jpg Wright Chemicals Wright Chemicals, a leader in the chemical industry sector, has always nurtured firm ties with the Thaurian Alliance, proven by the company’s HQ in Alliance space. During the last 5 years, Wright Chemicals was accused of conducting secret experiments into biological and chemical warfare, supposedly overseen by the Thaurian government. No such claims were ever substantiated with credible evidence.
Miners Guild.jpg Miners' Guild The Miners' Guild lost most of its vast influence after the Union was founded. Out of respect or perhaps only nostalgia, Union leaders allowed the Guild to remain within its borders with only a few stations. Almost everything was confiscated in the name of the Union. The Guild remains true to its original ideas as an organization that provides support to independent miners.
HoloCom Inc.jpg HoloCom Inc. HoloCom Inc. founded its headquarters in Union held territory. There was much speculation as to “why” the company chose that location. Suspicious minds dare to speculate that the Union paid HoloCom so they may control the company and get unhindered access to the vast amount of information circulating HoloCom’s ever-spreading network of communication satellites.
Frontier.jpg Frontier Frontier’s main goal, as they declared it themselves, is to overthrow the corrupt Iolian government and expel MultiOps from the Iolian Pact and its territory. Their heart might be in the right place, but their terrorist activities aren’t. Members of the Frontier are wanted for numerous counts of treason, assassination, destruction of government property and terrorism; conveniently they’re wanted in the Iolian Pact.
Genos.jpg Genos “We have every reason to believe that a key part in Genos behavior, philosophy or agenda is in some way linked to eco-radicalism. For now they are but a nuisance, but in the future they might become a threat if not dealt with accordingly. Let it be known that we cannot let anything stop progress of this great Union.” – Union regional commissar in “The Genos Threat”
Ghosts.jpg Ghosts The elusive Ghosts of the Aethera nebula… Almost as a rule, coming in contact with them is not good. There are only several noted occasions that the Ghosts even responded to hail attempts, only to destroy the caller moments later. The upside is that so far, their ships were never seen outside Aethera. They cling to the area like they need it.
Syndicate.jpg Syndicate Syndicate is probably the most organized outlaw group in Gemini. They have connections everywhere, even among high ranking officials of the key Gemini factions. It goes so far as one could say they have treaties with the neighboring states to let them in peace… for a cut. One faction however is not likely to give in to bribery. LaGarde Province is their sworn enemy. The Syndicate leaders actually rebelled against the LaGarde family and formed their own organization.
Anarchists.jpg Anarchists “Live and let live… and plunder.” “Winner takes it all.” ”Finders keepers.” … These are all clichés that Serpent Anarchists hole as creed. Although they’re not a homogenous group, their numbers have drastically increased as of late because many new members decided to join the unruly bunch.
Stiletto.jpg Stiletto Atilla's Whip is known to be the home of Stiletto, a reclusive outlaw group continuously linked to assassinations all over Gemini; their base of operations, their numbers and technology… none of that is known for sure. What is known is that they are a formidable opponent.
Revenants.jpg Revenants The Revenants found their home in the Will o' the Wisp region, right in the Consortium-Nexus crossfire. One could say that would be the end of them, but actually the ongoing war only brings them more “prey”. Their raiding parties almost as a rule includes several ships and their battle tactics are a textbook example of military training.
Niners.jpg Niners The Niners are small outlaw group operating inside and from the Cloud Nine nebula. They’ve been a nuisance to the Baeldor Republic for years, but all attempts at eradicating them have failed. They always seem to come back.
Rogues.jpg Rogues The Gemini League, a freedom-fighting group that led vast fleets in the last Gemini war against the Directorate and the Nyxian Consortium, used to control the Last Ditch region after taking it away from the local pirates. After the war ended, however, The League splintered into several groups and the result went full-circle back to the beginning. The Rogues control Last Ditch once more, but this time they even have former League captains as reinforcements.
Vanquis.jpg Vanquis The Vanquis are a marginal outlaw formation that is constantly proving to be a nuisance to both Trinity and the Gemini Protectorate. Other than raiding small border outposts and passing convoys, they don’t seem to have any greater agenda.
Hexen.jpg Hexen The Hexen group is the ruler of a vast area of Gemini called Outerlands. Several attempts to push them out of play proved to be of no use. Their territory is simply too large and unlike most outlaws, they have a firm grasp of military tactics and logistics; almost like they’re being either led by someone with a military background, or like they’re being taught the military way.
The Shard.jpg The Shard “…They seem to revere the phased crystal as sacred to an extent and are willing to guard it with their lives. In a way, it is remarkable and mysterious at the same time, since we can’t really ascertain where in Gemini the group originated from. Our best guess is that it’s not ethnicity that binds the members together, but rather their beliefs and goals, whatever exactly those may be.” – Dr. Auren Sottil, official report to the Hub Anthropological Society. The Shard are a strange bunch. They worship their namesake green crystals, which are found in the Sea of Sorrow region.
Stoners.jpg Stoners Although their name suggests otherwise, the Stoners are not an assortment of drug-addicted mindless pirates. Given time and sufficient funding, they’d probably try to organize an official control of the Stone Dead region and be acknowledged as one of Gemini states. It is for that goal that the Sanctuary could be funding the Stone Dead outlaws, if rumors are to be believed.
Heraclean Front.jpg Heraclean Front For 12 years, the Heraclean Stretch has been on the forefront of the Triumvirate war. Korkyra and Thauria have been using the region as the focal point of their battles with countless collateral damage in both infrastructure and civilians. The Heraclean Front rose up from those battle-scarred territories to fend off both sides… and to get something for themselves while doing it.
Raiders.jpg Raiders During the last Gemini war, the Korkyran Triumvirate was uprooted by treasonous puppet rulers. When Judicator Derrick overthrew the corrupt government, some elements of the old regime fled Korkyra and reached what is today known as Red Mist. The official Korkyran policy is that the Raiders are the remnants of that treasonous regime.
Brotherhood.jpg Brotherhood Little is known about this mysterious group. Their existence was confirmed on numerous occasions, but normal, let alone diplomatic relations were never developed. The mystery surrounding their members gave room for outlandish speculation and even conspiracy theories. “The Brotherhood seems like nothing more than a religious cult. They are not a threat, but we should keep one eye open if ever they turn to more extreme behavior.” – Leonard Sainz; prominent socio-anthropological expert
Porphyria.jpg Porphyria Porphyria rose from the ashes of a ravaged territory, partly covered in the mists of the Occulus nebula, and partly clouded by the Aethera dense nebula. The state owes its existence to the former commanders and personnel of Fonteneaux Station, destroyed in the last Gemini war. Porphyria suffered extensive damage from stasis occurrences and the effects are still felt. What was once a curse, today proves to be a blessing. Porphyria enjoys its independence, however harsh at times, precisely because large Gemini players believe the hardship of conquering Porphyria greatly outweighs the potential benefits. Porphyria is led by Manuel Espinosa, the charismatic governor of Pyros, who earned the trust of his comrades during the initial organization of Porphyria.