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There are more ways to earn credits and experience besides trading and solving freelance missions: mining asteroids, salvaging equipment from junkyards and derelicts and by collecting gases from nebulas.

MINING[edit | edit source]

Asteroids contain ore that can be mined and then sold for profit. The process of mining is simple: player needs only shoot at the asteroids and the ore will “drop”. Then collect the ore and sell it on a station or planet.

Asteroids contain more than one type of ore and what ore will “drop” is determined by set chance for each contained ore.

There is also a special piece of equipment which increases ore yield from asteroids when used. This item is the “Borehole torpedo” and is spent when used. The Borehole torpedo crushes the asteroid it hits, but also sends out an explosive blast that destroys other nearby asteroids. This makes it useful in other situation, like clearing a path through an asteroid field for a larger ship.

SALVAGING[edit | edit source]

Equipment and Materials can be salvaged from derelict ships found in space. The process is as simple as mining. Shooting at the wreckage will destroy it and make it “drop loot”.

Exactly what is dropped is determined by chance in combination with the loot drop definition file linked to a derelict. Loot can also be determined via scripts (used in quests).

As in mining asteroids, there is a special piece of equipment that increases salvage yield. This item is called “Salvage nanobots”. Released nanobots swarm the derelict and disassemble it providing more Materials and higher chance for salvaged equipment.

GAS COLLECTING[edit | edit source]

Nebulas contain gas pockets that can be harvested for Gases. Type of Gas and frequency of gas pockets found in a nebula is determined by the nebula parameters.

Collected Gas can be sold on stations and planets for profit. There is however a risk involved as some Gases can be volatile and might explode when collecting is attempted.