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All missions are activated through the Starchart. Available missions are shown on the map. Clicking on their respective icons opens up the mission briefing. There player can decide whether to activate the mission or not.

Main storyline[edit | edit source]

Main missions carry prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before the mission becomes available for activation. All missions including main quests are activated via the Starchart. The Starchart shows the player’s current main quest. When current main quest is finished, the next is shown so player can see the prerequisites and fulfill them.

When all prerequisites for a mission are met, an icon appears on the Starchart. Clicking on that icon opens up the mission briefing screen where the mission is explained. There player presses the Accept mission button and activates the mission. That triggers the necessary scripts to activate all quest objects related to the mission etc.

Any mission can be failed, but that simply places the mission back to inactive state, giving the player the ability to activate the mission again at a later time. When a mission is failed all quest objects related to the mission are deactivated as well. Basically everything reverts back to before starting the mission except player’s status and that of his fleet.

To intentionally fail a mission, most common way to do it would be to exit mission area and forfeit the mission.

Only one main quest can be active at the same time. Several objectives at the same time are a possible and that is used often during the main campaign.

Side quests[edit | edit source]

Side missions act on the same rules as main quests. The only difference is the prerequisites for making side quests available. Those depend on individual side missions.

Freelance missions[edit | edit source]

Freelance missions are procedurally generated depending on different factors, some of which are set in the region definition file. Various random events govern random mission availability and it is up to the player to keep an eye on the Gemini News Bulletin and the related info stored in his logs.

Freelance missions are generated at random, as the name implies, and they are time-limited. After a while, Freelance missions are automatically deactivated and are replaced by new random missions. This forces players to make small choices all the time and through these choices their reputation in Gemini is formed.

TAKING ON MISSIONS[edit | edit source]

To take on a mission (main, side or freelance) open the Starchart and select it on the map. Mission details will be displayed on the right. Here you can click to accept the mission. A Mission can be divided into several stages and each stage is usually accompanied by a designated mission area. If you leave the mission area of a stage, you will be warned of an impending mission fail. Return into the mission area to resume the mission. Failing a main or side mission does not make you stuck in the game. You can restart the mission in the same way: through the Starchart. Freelance missions are exceptions to that rule. When a Freelance mission is failed, it gets erased from the available missions list, but don’t worry; Freelance missions are generated randomly so there are always more missions to take. Successfully solving missions brings rewards in Experience, Credits and Equipment.

Freelance mission type Discription
Assassination destroy targeted ship
Capture capture targeted ship
Patrol patrol the designated route and deal with any issue (scripted) that may arise during the patrol
Science scan targeted anomaly possible ambush
Rescue assist targeted ship/station *possible ambush
Maintenance repair targeted structure (satellite, TGate…)
Ferry bring the requested items to the targeted station/planet

reach targeted waypoint without losing the VIP *possible ambush

  • attackers will try to board player’s ship and kidnap the VIP
Station assault destroy targeted station/structure
Station defense defend designated station/structure from wave(s) of attackers
Convoy escort

accompany designated convoy to its destination *possible attacks

  • reward depends on surviving convoy ships
Convoy raid

destroy freighters and freightliners in a defended convoy

  • reward depends on destroyed convoy ships
Station raid

capture designated amount of a commodity(s) from a station

  • player has to first damage the station and then transport

Troopers to it

Smuggle transport contraband to designated station/planet