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Planets & Stations

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Regions[edit | edit source]


REGIONS Gemini star system is divided into political and astrographical (geographical) regions. Every region is governed by at least one faction, but is contested by several. Encounters in a region depend on the contesting factions.Every region has a preset AI leveling. This means one of the region parameters shows what level span AI ships will have. If a region has the level span set to 10-25, AI ships that spawn inside it will be of any experience level between 10 and 25 (both included). AI ships level up with the player to some degree. This limitation is set to make sure every region is specific in difficulty (among other aspects). Level span can be adjusted through scripts, making it possible to increase region difficulty when some prerequisites are met (example: when a specific main quest is solved).

Baeldor[edit | edit source]


Carthagena[edit | edit source]


Corrion[edit | edit source]


Hogosha[edit | edit source]


Iolia[edit | edit source]


Korkyra[edit | edit source]


Nyx[edit | edit source]


Pyros[edit | edit source]


Sora[edit | edit source]


Trinity[edit | edit source]