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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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With the risk of war with their colonies rising, it was clear to the Imperial Navy that it needed more escort ships to counter the threat of piracy and sabotage. What was needed was something larger and faster than armed freighters, but still cheap enough to be built in large numbers, preferably at small merchant shipyards, as the larger yards were already busy. To meet this requirement, the old Mars Shipping Dock Company (AKA Mars Shipping), a specialist in the design and construction of merchant vessels, developed a 900 armor, medium-ranged cargo hauler known as "Mars' Pride". They were intended as small convoy escort ships that could be produced quickly and cheaply in large numbers. Despite the naval planners' intentions that they be deployed for coastal convoys, their long range meant that they became the mainstay of the Colonial Escort Force's convoy protection during the first half of the First Gemini War.

The Corvette class became an essential resource for the colonial convoy protection, until larger vessels such as destroyer escorts and frigates could be produced in sufficient quantities. The size of the class varies between 55 and 150 meters. The simple design of the emerging class, using parts and techniques common to merchant shipping, meant that they could be constructed in small commercial shipyards all over the Empire and the colonies, where larger and more sophisticated warships could not be built. Additionally, the use of commercial machinery meant that the crew, who were mainly enlisted merchant reserve forces, would be familiar with their operations.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Corvette-class vessels are very lightly armed, as they were intended solely for anti-pirate (mainly Gunships) warfare; many of these ships were fitted with pinpoint-precision Beam Weapons and anti-cloak equipment to be able to counter the fast, highly agile pirate gunships who preferred the cloak, ambush, and hit and run tactics on the slow and unarmored freighters. However, as time passed, many private companies and factions realized how well this class fits for multiple purposes while being cheap to produce, so the class became the universal support vessel for small gunship fleets, as well as for general/scientific purpose. The design is so well-thought and versatile, that even small pirate organizations are able to produce their modified versions using salvaged parts and scrap metal.

SPG2Adhara.png SPG2Aquila.png SPG2Cavalier.png SPG2Corsair.png SPG2Corvus.png SPG2CorvusMKII.png SPG2Cyclops.png SPG2Cyclops.png
Adhara Aquila Cavalier Corsair Corvus Corvus MKII Cyclops Cyclops S
SPG2Vantage.png SPG2Wolverine.png
Vantage Wolverine

Basic Details[edit | edit source]

Only the basic stats are presented here. For full information, check out the specific page about each ship.

Name Manufacturer Price Hull Shield Crew Cargo Battery
Adhara MultiOps 950,300 1,800 450 28 30 55
Aquila GSE 669,840 1,000 300 26 50 80
Cavalier Exac Raw Materials ? ? ? ? ? ?
Corsair LaGarde Province 925,220 1,600 600 28 30 70
Corvus Hub ? ? ? ? ? ?
Corvus MKII Hub ? ? ? ? ? ?
Cyclops Korkyra 926,720 1,400 600 22 40 70
Cyclops S Thaurian Alliance ? ? ? ? ? ?
Vantage Earth Empire 1,101,880 2,000 800 38 30 65
Wolverine Omega Transport 784,260 1,000 300 36 30 60

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