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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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The need for a destroyer-class vessel to emerge became apparent when frigates proved to be ineffectual in defending battle groups against small, agile torpedo gunboats. New breakthroughs in torpedo technology enabled the colonies to equip small, cheap gunships with weapons capable of destroying a superior enemy battle fleet. This new threat gave rise to the destroyer class, with weapons long-ranged enough to keep up with battleships, light and fast enough to intercept, and enough armament to destroy any gunship torpedo assault groups.

The design evolved from the frigate class, although since it was intended for a different role, the basic elements had to be changed. This resulted in scrapping most of the frigate layout - the destroyer class received a bigger power core, more weapon hardpoints and crew, and also a larger body mass/propulsion ratio. All these modifications resulted in that - as opposite that of the frigates - the destroyers were no longer fit to be constructed by smaller/merchant shipyards. For this reason destroyers are fewer in number and have a higher operational cost.

The destroyer class quickly became the ultimate choice of defender class in the navy, as it had the necessary armaments to deal with lesser threats and was still fast enough to conduct hit and run attacks itself, so in battle groups it took the role of torpedo gunboats, corvettes and frigates. The colonies adapted the new design quickly, both the military and civilian factions. Pirates rarely favor the class, as frigates are cheaper and more fit for the purpose and as a fleet supporter the slightly bigger and more stronger cruisers are adopted. Still, the player may encounter pirate destroyers - often in friendly space, as these ships are perfect for daring captains to prey on merchants near civilian stations.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

In the terminology of the space warfare, a Destroyer is a fast and maneuverable warship of high endurance, mainly intended to protect and escort larger warships of the fleet and to stand their ground against the convoys. It's main purpose is to fight off smaller, agile, short range vessels - torpedo Gunships, assault Corvettes and Frigates. Its size, cost of maintenance and limited availability mean that it is a rather uncommon sight in the merchant convoys - which usually uses Frigates for escort purposes.

SPG2Adept.png SPG2Apollo.png SPG2Aristarch.png SPG2Canberra.png SPG2Eclipse.png SPG2Prowess.png SPG2Ronin.png SPG2Sichuan.png
Adept Apollo Aristarch Canberra Eclipse Prowess Ronin Sichuan

Basic Details[edit | edit source]

Only the basic stats are presented here. For full information, check out the specific page about each ship.

Name Manufacturer Price Hull Shield Crew Cargo Battery
Adept Mycaena 5,858,600 6,000 3,000 46 75 80
Apollo Hub ? ? ? ? ? ?
Aristarch Nexus ? ? ? ? ? ?
Canberra Miners Guild ? ? ? ? ? ?
Eclipse Omega Transport 5,861,560 7,000 2,500 68 120 85
Prowess Gemini Protectorate 6,797,520 7,500 3,250 55 85 90
Ronin Thaurian Alliance ? ? ? ? ? ?
Sichuan GSE 4,913,760 6,000 2,000 40 120 85
Tyrant Hub ? ? ? ? ? ?

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