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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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Freighters are ships more known for their larger cargo space compared to other militarized ships.

Aditional Information[edit | edit source]

They are definitely not famous because of their agility and firepower, but once they kick it into high-gear, they can get to some decent speeds. You can earn some serious in game currency if you know which commodity to mine or find, and then sell them in vast amounts. Combined with their increased cargo hold allows them to be quite useful in conducting a lot of business... legal or otherwise.

SPG2Bohemia.png SPG2Mainz.png SPG2Maur.png SPG2Prospero.png SPG2Tunguska.png
Bohemia Mainz Maur Prospero Tunguska

Basic Details[edit | edit source]

Only the basic stats are presented here. For full information, check out the specific page about each ship.

Name Manufacturer Price Hull Shield Crew Cargo Battery
Bohemia Union 6,445,000 3,600 1,150 52 315 70
Mainz Mars Shipping 820,000 1,700 380 32 275 50
Maur HeraCorp 3,960,000 3,000 400 42 255 80
Prospero Madeira Constructions 425,000 2,000 400 25 125 55
Tunguska Union 1,895,000 2,000 400 40 220 50

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