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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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Gunships are small and agile vessels used in several supporting roles from single assignments to major fleet engagements. The size of the class varies between 15 and 20 meters, and is lightly armed and armored which makes them vulnerable when alone. Its speed and agility makes it perfect for 'hit and run' missions; the light armor, weak shields and lack of multiple turret hardpoints are compensated by its ability to evade slower plasma rounds and the fast charging overdrive comes handy in desperate situations. The vessel class is favored by outlaws and pirate operations for its low price, low maintenance cost, agility and - in some cases - the ability to cloak.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Use Gunships to scout ahead, as they are the fastest class. They can be up to 400% faster than the fastest Carrier, without the additional use of skills and equipment. Use strong sensors and cloaks while you scout. Their firepower is definitely not sufficient enough to be a threat to heavier ships, but the smart utilization of equipment and items can show great results. Use their speed to avoid enemy fire, but be aware of the fact that a well placed heavy shot will usually melt you down.

SPG2Aurora.png SPG2Luna.png SPG2Lyra.png SPG2Pegasus.png SPG2Pegasus.png SPG2Ra'Qaan.png SPG2Shanghai.png SPG2Squire.png
Aurora Luna Lyra Pegasus Pegasus S Ra'Qaan Shanghai Squire

Basic Details[edit | edit source]

Only the basic stats are presented here. For full information, check out the specific page about each ship.

Name Manufacturer Price Hull Shield Crew Cargo Battery
Aurora Miners Guild ? ? ? ? ? ?
Luna LaGarde Province ? ? ? ? ? ?
Lyra MultiOps 287,200 700 260 12 20 40
Pegasus Korkyra 343,580 900 340 16 30 45
Pegasus S Thaurian Alliance ? ? ? ? ? ?
Ra'Qaan Brotherhood/A'Shriari ? ? ? ? ? ?
Shanghai Trinity Free States 294,520 760 285 16 30 50
Squire Baeldor Republic 332,820 920 345 20 30 45
Taurus Gemini League/LaGarde Province 297,740 720 500 22 45 40

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