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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Commodities are items that can be bought in stations, found in cargo containers, mined from asteroids or recovered from delerict ships. Selling commodities is a good way to earn a buck in game.

Commodities[edit | edit source]

Commodities are divided in six different types Component, Consumable, Gas, Material, Ore and Product.

Component[edit | edit source]

Image Name Value Info
Antigrav coils
Antigrav coils 1,200 To sustain long-term life in space with no bone deterioration advanced gravity was needed to perfectly replicate Earth's one. Very soon Antigrav coils were invented that for a relatively cheap price produced the adequate gravity environment for humans.
Bio circuitry
Bio circuitry 1,500 Bio-circuitry brought on revolution with their unique and complex problem solving capabilities.
Explosives 780 Used since the dawn of time, explosives have a variety of uses: from mining and exploration to combat, the purpose of explosives is always to blast something off.
Holo projectors
Holo projectors 280 The holographic image has been a thing for a while now. Being entertainment or training holo-rooms are a significant factor in Gemini industry.
Infused core
Infused core 230 Infused cores have a variety of flexible uses. Two of the most frequent are beam weapon enhancing and power independance of critical systems.
Repair gel
Repair gel 1,030 First produced by Madeira constructs, structure repair gel is full of nanobots that automatically repair structural breaches.

Consumable[edit | edit source]

Image Name Value Info
Protein bars
Protein bars 240 Portable and cheap, protein bars are one of the most consumed foods in Gemini.

Gas[edit | edit source]

Image Name Value Info

Material[edit | edit source]

Image Name Value Info
Bioplastics 160 More ecologically friendly, bioplastics are a replacement for plastic materials featuring easier manipulation of its features.
Steel 1,500 Cheap and strong, the iron alloy steel has been around for centuries. It has remained in use as a construction and manufacturing material to this day.

Ore[edit | edit source]

Image Name Value Info
Crystal 900 Crystals are mined in the Crysalys asteroid field. The ore found there has superior conductivity and beam focus propertires that make ideal for beam-based weapon production.
Gold 300 Gold is still a much coveted precious metal. Industrial uses include fabrication of corrosion-free eletrical connectors that are vital in harsh, humid and corrosive atmospheres.
Ice 100 Solidified water can be found in specific parts of Gemini. Its many uses include melting down for hydration and production of fuel. It is in high demand in places where it is not naturally available.
Iodine 100 Iodine is useful in the production of polymers, nutrition and water purification.
Phosphorous 200 Phosphorous has found its use in industrial grade explosives and smoke-screening productive equipment.
Plutonium 900 Plutonium is an actinide metal. It is required for some of the nuclear fission operations and has a high and versatile explosive usage.
Silicon 200 Silicon is widely used in high-tech semiconductor eletronics production.
Tellurium 530 The largest consumer of tellurium is the metal industry. Its brittle, mildly toxic, silver-white metaloid characteristics are used in the production of alloys, solar panels and superconductors.
Titanium 530 The primary use of titanium in Gemini is the production of TitaNova plates as it is one of the most durable elements with highest strength-to-density ratio.

Product[edit | edit source]

Image Name Value Info
ATR 1,320 ATR or All-Terrain rover is a light-weight versatile vehicle that finds its use in both military and civilian environments. Light armament can be added for extra credits.
Combat mech
Combat mech 2,200 Combat mechs have replaced the now outdated tank vehicles. With only one crew member needed to control the behemoth and the unique ability to pass over any terrain with ease, this is the next big thing in ground combat engagements.
Empire artefact
Empire artefact 5,140 Rare artifacts from another time. After a'shriari invasion and Empire's downfall, only fragments of the Earth's technology and history remains.
Energy cells
Energy cells 525 Beam weapons require immense power that comes in unrefined, raw form of energy cells.
Envirosuits 2,500 Envirosuits are used to provide adequate protection in hazardous enviroments.
Exonds 3,660 Exonds are complex automated refining systems used for precise excavation of laser reactive quality ore from gathered ore blocks. Produced by Exac raw materials.
Heavy weapons
Heavy weapons 705 Heavy weapons are the backbone of military infantry. Their potency, however, makes them extremely dangerous in the wrong hands and are illegal in most territories in Gemini.
Hydroponics pod
Hydroponics pod 2,900 Growing plants in hydroponics pods are often praticed in Gemini system because of the recent instabilities.
Hologames 200 Bored beyond belief? Thinking about suicide? Never again be drowned in mind-boggling depression! Bosseron Enterprises presents The Boss Hologames ultimate megapack! Downloadable ubergoodies available after purchase.
Laser sidearm
Laser sidearm 6,100 Laser sidearm is the most common hand-held range weapon in Gemini. Although in some parts possessing a personal firearm is illegal for civilians, some planets welcome it as a common sense.
Medicines 1,575 This is a standard assortment of various inhaled, injected, oral, rectal and other medicines for treatment of mostly common diseases and ailments: nothing illicit what-so-ever.
Nexus rift stabilizers
Nexus rift stabilizers 650 Nexus has perfected their rift stabilizing techniques over the years in spite of hard times and turbulent leadership they went through. Rift stabilization is the desired operation to prevent or sustain rift anomalies and is widely used by all groups in Gemini.
Nyxian rifles
Nyxian rifles 210 Nyxian blaster rifles are top of the line bounty hunters weapon. Designed for maximum efficiency, this expensive rifle is a must have for any serious mercenary.
Phasing devices
Phasing devices 3,000 Salvaged from Ghosts tecnology from Aethera, phasing devices are now used in most cloakable ships to improve cloaking and reduce its power drain. It was created as a cooperation between Neophyte and Advanced arms inc.
Plasma charges
Plasma charges 1,800 Required component to shoot plasma.
Plasma rifles
Plasma rifles 1,005 Plasma rifles are commonly found in the hands of security forces all around Gemini as Well as (un)licensed bounty hunters.
Quantum supercomputers
Quantum supercomputers 2,430 Computers have evolved over the time and quantum supercomputers have become a strand in any advanced spaceship of facility.
Sanctum VI
Sanctum VI 570 A very sophisticated multipurpose micro-robot which self-destructs when compromised beyond escape in enemy territory. Made by Sanctum in their efforts to increase their intel gathering abilities.
Surgical equipment
Surgical equipment 1,560 Although there have been reports and rumors of people conducting sensitive surgical procedures with their bare hands, most doctors agree that using precise surgical equipment should be mandatory.
Utility droids
Utility droids 675 Why do the work your utility droid can do for you? Everything goes... except getting your droid to assassinate someone... that's both illegal and wrong. - Charles "If you see me that means you're dead" Halfgood.
X900 525 X900 Personal armor is the latest tech in personal safety. It offers protection from a range of firepower including ballistic, energy and plasma weapons fire.