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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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Outlands' Freightliner, the Heimdall, is built like a wall, in both a literal and a metaphorical sense. The ship' chassis is tall and narrow on the sides while extremely durable, the three light weapons mount up to five turrets, the heavy weapons can fire up to 190 missiles, the cargo hold is enormous, so your foes will be sure to notice you blocking out the sun while ammo rains down on them.

Ship Stats[edit | edit source]

Manufacturer Price Hull Soak Shield Shield Refill Shield Down Crew Cargo Core
Outerlands 45,000,000 150,000 0.05 6,000 20.00 9.00 90 1,250 200
Hangar Cloak Transport Grapple Grapple Fail Sensor Range Evasion Speed Maneuver Battery Power
0 0 6 500 0 2300 0.01 22 1.03 110
Battery Refill Battery Down Light W Front Light W Left Light W Right Light W Rear Heavy W Front Heavy W Left Heavy W Right Heavy W Rear
4.00 4.00 1 2 2 0 80 50 50 40

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Where to buy[edit | edit source]

Facility Type Region Faction
Battledawn Military Station Astralia ?
Hendall Mining and Processing Nirith ?
Lunaee Research Station Decadenc Outerlands
Tortuga Bay Military Station Attilas Whip Outerlands
Skelning Shipyard Station Outerlands Outerlands

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Screenshots[edit | edit source]

HeimdallDock1.jpg HeimdallDock2.jpg HeimdallDock3.jpg HeimdallSpace1.jpg HeimdallSpace2.jpg HeimdallSpace3.jpg HeimdallSpace4.jpg

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