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World Elements[edit | edit source]

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The entire gameworld is created from scratch. LGM preserved as much consistency with SG2's gameworld as possible, but there are differences.

Key differences:

  • The world is a lot larger, so large in fact, that it's not possible to expand it without modifying the engine.
  • More empty space is left between important places.
  • Asteroid Fields, Junkyards and Nebulae are larger.
  • The vertical axis is used a lot more (objects are offset on the vertical axis by a larger margin)
  • The game world changes dynamically, both through player input (construction) and through the actions of other factions (their construction), but through random global events as well
  • There are some new planets never seen before, like Phaeneros and Heeland.
Name Description
Map of Gemini You can see the full resolution SPG Warlords map here - File:Gemini Map.jpg
Asteroid Fields All standard types of asteroids from SPG 2 remain and the same are reused for new asteroid fields. The new asteroid fields, located in the farther regions of Gemini arefor the most part made of Ice.
Junkyards Two general types of junkyards can be found in Gemini. The larger fields, also consisting of larger pieces are basically the same as in SPG 2. The smaller fields, consisting mostly of small junk pieces are placed around derelicts and station wrecks.
Nebulae Nebulae function in the same manner as in SPG 2. There are Radioactive Nebulae that eat through your hull, like the Triangle, EM nebulae that scramble your shields and systems, like the Maelstrom, and Aethera is still haunted by its Ghosts.
Stations Have similarities with the SPG 2 stations, but are larger and can be damaged and taken out of business. They can also defend themselves.
Structures Can be placed on the map on specific construction points of interest. Some structures can never be built by the player and can be destroyed.
Scenery There is no special interaction with scenery objects except direct collision.
Landmarks Landmarks are special objects, but NOT necessarily a separate object type. They are special in the sense that they as a rule have a side mission linked to them. Once the side mission(s) are completed, the region unlocks its bonus. For as long as the landmark exists and the region belongs to the player, the player gains that special bonus. There is one landmark that has to be destroyed as part of the main story.
Anomalies Anomalies function in the same manner as in SPG 2. The only difference is that a number of unique anomalies are placed in the world for the purpose of exploration, side quests and structure construction (research outposts are usually built around or near anomalies).
Derelicts Same as SPG 2. The only difference is that a lot of unique derelicts are placed in the world for the purpose of exploration and side quests.
Wormholes Wormholes function in the same manner as in SPG 2.
Torrent Gates (T-Gates) Unlike in SG2, using T-Gates is now free of charge, due to the Riftway Grid's massive failure that nearly killed SupraTravel. T-Gates can also be built on Wormholes, stabilizing them and adding them to the T-Gate Network.
Defense Platforms Defense platforms function in the same manner as in SPG 2.