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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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The Midgard is Outerlands' down-to-earth freighter. The T-Shaped cross-section houses three turrets of the light weapon on the upper hull, the heavy weapon can arm up to 33 missiles, the shield and hull are both above average in its class, and there is ample cargo space considering the size and weight distribution. A beast of this beauty is best left seen and undisturbed.

Ship Stats[edit | edit source]

Manufacturer Price Hull Soak Shield Shield Refill Shield Down Crew Cargo Core
Outerlands 2,750,000 28,000 0.05 2,500 8.33 6.00 58 450 100
Hangar Cloak Transport Grapple Grapple Fail Sensor Range Evasion Speed Maneuver Battery Power
0 0 4 500 0 2300 0.01 30 1.42 75
Battery Refill Battery Down Light W Front Light W Left Light W Right Light W Rear Heavy W Front Heavy W Left Heavy W Right Heavy W Rear
6.00 3.00 3 0 0 0 33 0 0 0

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Where to buy[edit | edit source]

Facility Type Region Faction
Battledawn Military Station Astralia ?
Hendall Mining and Processing Nirith ?
Lunaee Research Station Decadenc Outerlands
Tortuga Bay Military Station Attilas Whip Outerlands
Skelning Shipyard Station Outerlands Outerlands

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