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SPGW Missions

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Main Story[edit | edit source]

Main Page: SPG Warlords

The main story is currently being developed, with only a prologue tutorial which explains the basic controls and user interface. Once you are done with the intro, you start the game in a familiar Conquest Mode. Your HQ will give you an infinite amount of randomly generated missions, even though those are still in their basic form.

Jobs Board[edit | edit source]

The list of the missions that are in the game and are planned in the future updates include, but are not limited to:

NeoPhysics.jpg Theft Conduct theft on a structure/station/planet/ship and deliver it to a designated location.
Advanced Arms Inc.jpg Installation Assault Assault and destroy an installation.
NeoPhysics.jpg Installation Defense Defend the station from attackers.
Advanced Arms Inc.jpg Construction Site Raid Attack and destroy a construction site.
NeoPhysics.jpg Construction Site Defense Defend construction site from one or several attack waves of enemies.
Advanced Arms Inc.jpg Maintenance Repair target structure.
NeoPhysics.jpg Hunt Find and kill/capture the target's ship or ships.
Advanced Arms Inc.jpg Delivery You have limited time to deliver and drop off the requested amount of goods. Mission success is measure by the amount of goods that were delivered.
NeoPhysics.jpg Convoy Raid Attack convoy as it goes from one location to another. The goal is not to destroy everything. Mission success is measured by the amount of goods dropped from freighters.
Advanced Arms Inc.jpg Convoy Escort Guard a convoy as it goes from one location to another. Mission success is measured by the amount of goods that make it to destination.
NeoPhysics.jpg Survey Go to location (usually a planet), open the planet surface panel and send a team to survey the target surface location.
Advanced Arms Inc.jpg Salvage Go to target location and salvage the derelict. On higher levels, this mission usually involves killing off intrusive salvagers that are either there from the beginning or that arrive while you’re salvaging.