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Main Story[edit | edit source]

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WARNING!! This guide contains spoilers, so if you’re looking for a specific information about some particular mission we suggest that you don’t browse through the guide further than necessary in order to keep yourself protected from any content spoilers and get the most out of your gameplay experience.

The Campaign game mode is designed as a two part system with Main quest line embedded with a couple of helpful tutorial-like missions which offer some insight in game mechanics and features. There are some areas of the game that offer multiple choices that affect campaign development. This guide will NOT go through them all, but it will be noted when such situations occur.

The Prologue[edit | edit source]

The first tasks in the Campaign are given in The Prologue which acts as a tutorial for the main movement and combat mechanics of the game. You are introduced to the game in the role of Cpt. Tara Higgs, high-ranking officer of the Solari Concord, and the commander of the SS Sirene. You are required to follow SCS Icarus, the first ever Battleship of the Solari, designed by Solari scientist and engineer Raynor Trace, and commanded by captain Exul Harcrow. After the first stage of the testing flight, You are asked to scan the ship for any signs of structural damage which acts as a tutorial objective for the context menu content. While the scan takes place, an unknown hostile fleet appears and begins their attack on the Solari battleship. You are required to defend the SCS Icarus until all of the enemy vessels perish. During the battle, one of the attackers pulls a kamikaze stunt and crashes into Icarus, driving Tara's homing missiles directly into the battleship's hull. At that point, the battle ends, and it is discovered that the kamikaze damaged both Icarus' long range communication technology as well as its propulsion, making it a "sitting duck". Tara tries to reach the Concordia, which is the Solari Concord HQ, only to receive response filled with interference, from which they gather enough information to determine that the HQ is under attack. Harcrow orders Tara to go back to Concordia and help defend it. By the time Tara gets to the HQ, all of the hostile ships are already destroyed, and Trace reveals that Icarus' communication array can’t be damaged without total destruction of the ship, since it is implemented deep within the hull of the ship. Whatever the case may be, Tara is ordered to go back to the battleship's location ASAP.  At this point, You are required to use the "T-Jump" ability to go to the location where Icarus was attacked. By the time Tara gets to Icarus, the ship is already overwhelmed by hostile forces, and is eventually destroyed. There are barely any survivors, but Tara manages to locate the escape pod containing the body of the security commander from Icarus. This is the part where You get to choose details for the character You'll be playing for the remainder of the Main Story. The pod is then transported to Phaeneros, main planet in the Phaehana region, where your new character regains consciousness and is informed about the current situation by Trace. The Exile Council that runs the faction blames the commander for what happened to Icarus on the account of security being his/hers responsibility, but are willing to give the commander another chance to prove him/herself to them. With that, You leave Phaeneros and are given a new ship which can also be customized to some degree. At this point The Prologue ends.

Mission 1 - The tormented spirit[edit | edit source]

This is the first “Real” mission of the Main Story. You are required to fly to Concordia, to talk to Raynor Trace, who is currently assigned as a commanding officer on Concordia, and is in charge of your “probation” given by the Council. Upon reaching Concordia, a dialogue panel between You and Trace is opened. Trace reveals that several attackers “missjumped” with their T-drive because of the sustained damage, and that he was able to locate them docking on a small installation nearby. The installation is familiar to the Solari from earlier, but wasn’t active for a long long time, which leads them to believe that it was restored and used by the attackers to prepare the assault on Icarus. The plan is to investigate the installation with Trace and Tara, and to transport a team of cyber specialists to salvage any remaining data from the installation. You are then required to reach the installation. Upon reaching the installation, it’s mandatory to destroy the defense platforms along with a couple of guarding ships. After the battle, You need to transport the team of specialist on the installation via the context menu. The specialist team gathers some data, and rig the installation to explode so it can’t be used against the Solari Concord ever again. The explosion opens a brief dialogue between Tara, Trace and The Player, in which Trace orders Tara to scan the area for “loose ends” while he goes back to the HQ to decrypt the discovered data. This is the end of the mission.

Mission 2 - The infiltrator card[edit | edit source]

The mission starts at Concordia where Trace reveals the information discovered in the data cluster retrieved in the mission before. The cluster contained info about two frequently mentioned locations, and a bit about the attacking group. The locations are not named in the intelligence cluster, but rather only noted by their coordinates. The group is called the Black Oath, while the only knowledge about the leader is a nickname “Scarlet”. Trace already sent Tara to recon one of the locations, and he orders You to go and scout the other one. The location which You are assigned to investigate is an installation named Nyarhi, an old science complex which is supposed to be deserted. However the structure is rather dynamic, with Black Oath ships cruising in the vicinity. Trace comes up with an idea to hijack one of the outlaw ships, transport some of your crew on it, and try and infiltrate Nyarhi in order to obtain some new knowledge about the outlaw group. You are then requested to intercept one of the vessels and disable it using force, but the plan fails since the targeted ship self destructs after being disabled. Luckily, Trace has a backup plan. There is an abandoned Insurgent ship close by so Trace orders You to capture and repair it so that it can be used as a “Trojan horse” of sorts. This time, the plan works well and the first stage of Trace’s plan is complete. As the newly obtained ship makes its way to Nyarhi,You fall back and are required to relay commands to the Nyarhi communication center. The Player here becomes a part of a dialogue that has multiple choices, which affect the level of complications that unfold as the mission develops. The crew eventually manages to get some new intelligence which is then transmitted to Trace on Concordia. This is where the mission ends.

Mission 3 - Thief in the night[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching the Concordia station, Trace contacts You, informing that Tara is in danger. She was assigned to scout the second location discovered in the earlier mission, but she ran into some trouble. Trace doesn’t know the details, but urges You to get there as fast as possible. You find Tara and she explains how she tried to board the structure found on the location she was ordered to recon, but the locals realized she wasn’t supposed to be there, so they attacked. She managed to get away, but her ship is severely damaged. However she did get some info about the location. It’s also an installation, a refinery that is used to process ore gathered from the mining units scattered around the region, called the Orphiel Foundry. Since Tara didn’t manage to get any info from the foundry about the Black Oath, and her ship is not able to withstand another assault from the installation defense, she goes back to Concordia for repairs, while You stay to try and finish the objective Tara started. The plan is to destroy one of the remote mining units, and then board one of the freighters with your own crew. The foundry will not expect random empty freighters to come and board the station, but will not be suspicious if one shows up, since there was an accident and all of the injured personnel have to be transported somehow. After the infiltration, the crew will look for any information linking the establishment with the Black Oath. This will all be done without consulting with Trace since he would probably disagree with the plan. You are then required to destroy one of the mining units, and to transport your crew to the nearby freighter. The freighter then makes its way to the foundry, while You wait in the vicinity for the crew extraction. However, the crew manages to pass the security checkpoint, but are unable to get through the firewall and can’t obtain any new information. You order the crew to kidnap one of the foundry officers for questioning. The gameplay kicks in, and You have to get to the foundry quickly to transport your crew back to the ship. After the extraction, You are required to return to Concordia and transport the prisoner to a holding cell. Trace is absolutely furious about both the plan and its result, and decides he will be the only one talking to the prisoner. This is the end of the third mission.

Mission 4 - Get things rolling[edit | edit source]

Trace finally analyzed all the data retrieved from the Nyarhi. That, combined with the info he got from the kidnapped officer, revealed a great deal of information. The name “Scarlet” that was thought to be the nickname of the leader of the Black Oath is actually a name of the ship commanded by an individual named Amaeri Ben’sara, who is Black Oath’s high-ranking officer that organized the attack on the Icarus. Another piece of intelligence that Trace managed to gather is that the Oath operates from Baeldor Republic, which is an alliance territory lead by Chancellor Figueroa. Trace has an acquaintance on the Baeldor planet, named Laenard Maxton, that could fill in the gaps regarding Black Oath and Ben’sara, since they’ve been having more and more problems with an outlaw group that could be linked to the Black Oath. Trace believes that the Black Oath is a group of political extremists which believe that the Solari Concord is the main reason for all the troubles that have befallen the Gemini. To look further into the case, Trace orders You to visit the Baeldor planet, and meet with Maxton. Upon reaching Baeldor, Maxton informs You about the trouble they’ve been having with the outlaws, and how the ship named Scarlet, has been present in almost all incidents that occurred, and since Trace mentioned it, they’ve been tracking it. He also shares the information that the Scarlet was last seen in Nexus, and gives You coordinates to that location. You are required to travel to the coordinates, where You encounter a robotics facility named Edea. Roaming around Edea are several ships, one of which is labeled “Scarlet”. You have to destroy the escort ships around Scarlet in order to apprehend Ben’sara. After defeating them, Ben’sara tries to flee in the nearby junkyard, but is quickly caught up with. You are given a choice whether to fight with Ben’sara, or to apprehend her peacefully. Whatever the choice, Ben’sara goes with You back to Concordia for interrogation. While traveling back to Phaehana, You are intercepted by Sentchuk Barony armed forces, who try to save Ben’sara. You must survive fixed amount of time, and can do that either by fighting or running. When the time expires, Trace and Maxton come to the rescue and destroy the Sentchuk forces. Trace takes over the Ben’sara transportation duty, while You need to go to planet Baeldor in order to testify in front of the Chancellor about the fact that Sentchuk Barony faction works hand in hand with a known criminal group. Your landing on Baeldor is greeted by Maxton, who introduces You to the Chancellor Figueroa, but before any information can be exchanged, Maxton reports that the Sentchuk war fleets began attacking Baeldor’s defense perimeter. Chancellor suggest that You leave, since You’re is no longer safe on Baeldor. This is where the mission ends.

Mission 5 - Defender of the Crown[edit | edit source]

Immediately after leaving Baeldor, Trace contacts You, urging You to return to the HQ for it is under attack by the Black Oath. You need to get to Concordia as soon as possible. While traveling to Concordia, You receive transmissions from the defensive fleets fighting a losing battle. Upon reaching the Concordia, Trace gives You a choice whether to send the remainder of their fleet to Phaeneros thereby securing the region’s capital, which is also under Oath siege, or whether to stay and defend the Concordia. Whatever your decision is, You must defend Concordia from the hostile vessels. The battle ends, and Trace informs You about the damage done to the HQ and the planet. Meanwhile, the information surfaces that the attack was just a diversion, and that Oath managed to rescue Ben’sara. The conversation is interrupted by Khal Emmerix, member of the Council that rules the region, and requires both You and Trace to report to Phaeneros immediately. When You finally get to Phaeneros, another Council member, Lucian Orlan informs Trace that the Council is relieving him of his command of Concordia, for they believe this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t go around investigating the Icarus attack. As for You, Council member Erinne Briggs informs You that, because of your engagement in the defense of Phaehana region, You are promoted to the Commander of the Concordia station, but You will answer directly to the Council, with Councillor Emmerix working as a supervisor. This conversation ends the mission.

Mission 6 - Stronghold[edit | edit source]

On Concordia, Trace updates You about certain subjects. The first one is the Baeldor Republic, which has now turned into a war zone with the Republic and the Sentchuk battling it out. Sentchuk already captured some of the regions in the vicinity, while Chancellor Figueroa is focusing on protecting the main region. Meanwhile, Oath is very active in Sora Barony and Helmsford regions. In addition to their rampage in the neighboring regions, their attack on HQ left Concordia station in ruins, with some of the modules completely destroyed. The Council is firmly against any aggressive action from the Solari Concord, and even though Trace doesn’t want to idly sit by, the current situation with the Concord infrastructure and its fleet prevents them from reacting. That’s why, for the time being, Trace wants You to focus on rebuilding the HQ, and its armed forces.

This is the part where, just like in the beginning, the mission becomes tutorial based to teach You about civilian fleets, economics, resources, infrastructure, fleet management and such.

Mission 7 - Orphiel take two[edit | edit source]

Back on Concordia Councillor Emmerix informs You that he has sent Tara to recon the Orphiel Foundry once more to monitor the situation. Seeing how the foundry commanders haven’t responded to our earlier invasion, nor have they taken it seriously, plan is to attack the foundry directly in order to capture it. This would give the Concord significant boost in Materials production. The possibility of losing our newly built fleet is present, but the Council have decided that it’s a risk that should be taken, and You are ordered to carry out the mission. Before leaving the HQ, Trace suggests that it might be a good idea to take over the region Orphiel is located in, as it could lead to an easier foundry takeover since Tara’s report noted that the foundry crew is in a state of panic and low morale already. Whether or not You choose to take over the region is entirely up to You. Before reaching the Orphiel Foundry, You are intercepted by the foundry’s defense fleet which tries to stop the attack on the installation. After wrecking them, the progress to the foundry is blocked by another obstacle and that is a minefield. You are required to carefully maneuver in between the mines and get as close as possible to the foundry so that the minefield can be successfully deactivated using the main switch located within the refinery complex. Upon reaching the foundry, transported crew analyzes the state of the structure. It’s non-functional. Some key components are missing, and were possibly taken by the Black Oath. Trace is contacted and brought up to date with the situation. He has an acquaintance named Harks, on the Ruhr station, that could manufacture the missing parts. You need to travel to the said station and persuade Harks to construct the components. The dialogue with Harks on Ruhr station offers You some choices which determines the final price of the components. After obtaining the parts, Trace informs You that he’s currently at the Orphiel Foundry, and that the parts should be delivered there. The manufactured pieces bring the foundry back to life, at which point the mission ends.

Mission 8 - The past is the past[edit | edit source]

Councillor Emmerix contacts The Player ordering him to return to Concordia. The Council has decided that the Concord are not allowed to roam around the Gemini without their permission anymore. Trace tries to reason with the Councillor but it has no effect. Both You and Trace agree that there is no way you will stop now when you’re this close to discovering the true agenda of the Black Oath so Trace suggests that You should visit the Spire station, controlled by The Sanctum faction in order to dig up more dirt on the Black Oath. Tara overhears the conversation and offers to help. Her old friend Nyca is stationed near the Spire station so Tara advises that You should look for her when You reach the installation. Trace can’t stress enough that this is going against all that the Council has ordered, and that this mission must stay a secret, otherwise you can all get into some serious trouble. Tara and Trace will stay at the Concordia to cover for You. As soon as You arrive to the Spire station, Nyca contacts You. She informs You that there is no way You will get any information about the Black Oath on the Spire, since the faction that controls the Spire still has some grudges against the Solari Concord for the stuff they did in their past. Since that is a no go, Nyca suggests that they try to extract some data from the Holocom, a company that runs a large relay network used to traffic data. You make a deal with Nyca. You’ll help her get in and out of Holocom HQ, and in return, she will decrypt the obtained data.You then escort Nyca to the station where she admits that she needed your help to get away from Spire station safely. Nyca hacks into the network and steals the data, but just as they’re about to leave the area, Syndicate representative, Corlina Rayne, intercepts them, asking You to hand over Nyca. As you continue to negotiate, Black Oath ships appear and start their attack. In the heat of the battle, Nyca’s ship gets severely damaged, so You transport her to your ship as you both escape the area. On the way back to Concordia, Trace contacts You, informing You about the fact that the Council knows that they raided the Holocom HQ, and they are to report at Phaeneros immediately. You get chewed out as soon as You land on Phaeneros. Councillor Lucian Orlan is furious about the fact that the rest of the system blames the Council and the Concord for the attack on Holocom, even though it was done by the Black Oath. Trace interrupts Orlan’s monologue with some vital new information. He states that the data, Nyca and You extracted from the network company indicates that the Black Oath is responsible for almost all major incidents and accidents in the Gemini in the last year. Trace believes that the Oath are looking for something specific, and that the attack on the Icarus wasn’t just a heat of the moment thing, but a well thought-out plan. Councillor Lucian tries to push Trace’s findings to the side, saying this is not the subject of the Council meeting today, but Councillor Saria Caine believes that these finding are crucial and should not be overlooked. Lucian is outraged, and demands that both You and Trace deal with some sort of consequences. Saria trusts Trace and continues to defend him. Councillor Emmerix interrupts everyone, and orders You and Trace to return to Concordia and wait for the Council's disciplinary decision there. This is the conclusion of the eight mission.

Mission 9 - Insurance[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching the Concordia station, Trace informs You about a serious issue. The data he claimed he had in front of the Council is not real. He only said that to get the Council off their case, and in reality has nothing on the Black Oath since the data from the Holocom HQ is still decrypted. The only one who might be able to decrypt the data is Nyca. Trace asks for her help, and she’s willing but needs some help from You first. The Syndicate representative that You had the pleasure of meeting on your way back from Holocom HQ is bothering Nyca, so she would like You to get Corlina of her back. Nyca throws in another bargaining chip. She knows the Concord is after Ben’sara, and she already did some steps to locate her ship. Nyca’s contact, Runner, has some information about Ben’sara so she suggests to go to Lunaee Research Station in the Sea of Sorrow region to meet up with him. After arriving to the location of the meetup, Runner reveals himself and admits that he has no idea where Ben’sara is, and only contacted Nyca for a meeting to deliver her to Corlina in order to collect the bounty that was issued for her arrest. And surely, Corlina and her thugs decloak in the vicinity. The Syndicate representative again offers You a choice to either turn over Nyca, or fight. The choice is entirely up to You, and has an effect on the future gameplay. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll choose the fighting option. During the battle, Runner decides to flee the scene, and after the fight You and Nyca return to the Concordia station. Back on Concordia, Trace suggests to You that keeping Nyca as a permanent member of the Concord fleet might show itself useful in days to come, before returning to the data deciphering in his laboratory. With that dialogue, mission ends.

Mission 10 - Spy hard[edit | edit source]

Trace discovers new information from the holocom datacube about the Black Oath. He found proof that they’ve been working on a massive ship. Councillor Emmerix suggests that they had help in acquiring blueprints for the vessel. The project Proxima was a project that Councillor Emmerix assigned to Trace, and it was supposed to be a massive craft that would represent the Solari Concord battle power in order to deter any hostilities. However the Black Oath found out about the designs, so captain Ben’sara devised a cunning plan to get herself captured and transported onto Concordia, where she stole the blueprints and then got rescued. The datacube also contained intel about the Edea installation in the Nexus region, and how it was being used by the Black Oath to operate so close. Although all that data does paint a decent picture, Councillor Emmerix needs definitive proof if he is to present this issue to the rest of the Council. You volunteer to do a stealth recon mission in order to collect some proof about the matter. You are given a modified destroyer that will be used to cloak your presence. Upon reaching Edea, the crew hacks into the communication relay and intercepts some communication between a transporter and the station. The transporter is on its way to deliver some important cargo so You choose to follow it. The transporter docks on a nearby station named Defiance, where it obtains the cargo to be delivered. The crew infiltrates the installation’s data logs and finds that there have been number of transports done lately from the Defiance station to a location in a local nebula. The one of these transports is just about to leave so You decide to tag along to see where is the cargo being delivered. It’s important not to get too close to the transporter You’re following otherwise You will get detected. After following the transporter for some time, it arrives to its destination. The location is some sort of a construction site, presumably used to build a large ship that the Oath stole the plans for from the Concordia station. You get detected upon reaching the site, and are intercepted by the Nexus Patrol. The patrol orders You to shut down your engines and allow boarding as You are in violation of the Nexus territorial laws. You can’t see what laws You seem to be breaking, but the Nexus Patrol insists. However they admit no laws are being broken, they just want to arrest You to collect a rather plentiful bounty, and to be on good terms with the Black Oath as they endorse the build of the gigantic ship that they’ve been doing. Ben’sara shows up to prevent the Nexus Patrol in further revealing of Oath’s plans and orders them to destroy You. The patrol attacks and You have to defend yourself until Tara arrives with backup. After the battle, Tara returns to the Concordia station and suggests You do the same, and the mission ends.

Mission 11 - Retaliatory strike[edit | edit source]

Trace informs You about the hell that broke loose after your visit to Edea. Phaeneros got invaded by Sentchuk, and the Black Oath is spreading terror all across the region. The communication with Phaeneros is not available because Sentchuk deployed some kind of jamming devices in the planet’s orbit. The Concord tried to fight through the jammers but all attacks were unsuccessful. However they at least managed to recon the situation. There are three jammers spread around Phaeneros and they are all guarded by the Sentchuk forces. You need to destroy the jammers and the guarding ships. After demolishing the jammers, the communication to the Phaeneros is re-established. Councillor Emmerix discovers that there’s no Sentchuk forces fighting on Phaeneros. He’s been fighting the other Council member, that have been working behind the Concord’s back the whole time. Now they’ve organized local militia squads and are trying to take over key institutions. They don’t have time to investigate why the other Council members are doing what they’re doing, because another Sentchuk fleet is approaching the planet.You go to intercept the fleet. After handling the fleet You return to Phaeneros in order to contact Councillor Emmerix. He reports that Councillors Orlan and Breckett are arrested and Councillor Saria Caine is still on the run, hiding somewhere in the capital. This dialogue is the end of the eleventh mission.

Mission 12 - Project Proxima[edit | edit source]

Trace sent an advanced recon team back to Edea to collect some new information about the project the Oath has been working on. Unfortunately whatever they’ve been working on wasn’t there anymore so the Council, or whatever is left of it, decided to jumpstart the project Proxima if they are to have any chance in fighting the monstrosity the Black Oath is building. You aren’t fond of the idea, but there is no other choice. The Sentchuk created an alliance with couple of other factions and convinced them to go against the Solari Concord. To be able to build Proxima, Trace needs some key components, not to mention a whole lot of resources, but he has an idea where to find all necessary supplies. Councillor Emmerix came into contact with the Outlanders for the missing resources, Maxton suggested that the missing Power Core might be found in the Maginot Barony region where IonTech corporation is situated. The Consortium will be willing to share their research on large vessels that they did while building their own “Titan” class ship, and the T-Jump core of that size can be found in Sora Barony region where the Catapult was invented. After finishing the debriefing with Trace the mission ends.

Mission 13 - Hard times[edit | edit source]

Councillor Emmerix contacts You with some information regarding his deal with the Outlanders for the resources Trace so desperately needs. He arranged a meeting with the Outlanders representative, Harris. The Outlanders need You to take over the Lunaee Research Station from the Triad faction, as they are currently in the middle of a war, and in return will deliver the promised resources to Trace. After taking over the research installation, Harris contacts You telling You that the transporters are on their way with the resources. Upon reaching the Concordia station, Trace is pleased with the deal, but is concerned about the number of Triad ships that have been roaming around the Concord borders, but for now he will focus on building the Proxima. This dialogue ends the mission.

Mission 14 - Power to the Core[edit | edit source]

Good old friend Laenard Maxton visits the Concordia. He needs help with Sentchuk siege, and is more than willing to help out with IonTech and acquiring the power core needed for the Proxima construction. The Sentchuk have been attacking the Maginot Barony region from the Maelstrom region and, according to the Barony scouts, are traveling in great numbers. You meet Maxton in the Maelstrom region to destroy the inhibitors that the Sentchuk have deployed in order to protect their ships from electromagnetic pulses delivered by the ion storm in the vicinity. Destroying these structures would help in bringing down the fleet. After knocking out the inhibitors and destroying the fleet, You return to the Concordia station where Trace gladly informs You that the IonTech have sent all their research data on the power cores. This concludes the fifteenth mission.

Mission 15 - BFG[edit | edit source]

Nyxian Consortium ambassador, Kirsten Rosh confirms that the have the weapon system parts that Trace needs for the Proxima, however they won’t give them up easily. There are couple of choices here that affect the price of the parts, however one of them does not include spending credits, so for the purpose of the guide we’ll select that one. Ambassador Rosh needs help with The Rogues faction that’s been causing them problems for years. She believes that if You take over one of their region, The Rogues will be more open to the peaceful negotiation instead of the warfare. You agree but in return ask for the Consortium’s full public support in their campaign against the Black Oath. After taking over the Will O’ the Wisp region from The Rogues, You are required to go back to Phaeneros and report to ambassador Rosh about your progress. Rosh is pleased about the region being rogue-free and holds up her end of the bargain. This is the end of the mission.

Mission 16 - Jumping Jack Flash[edit | edit source]

The Player is sent to planet Sora to talk to Baroness Kirst in order to obtain some data from the Catapult wreckage, but before they can get into any details, Sora Officer barges in and reports that they’ve been under attack by the fleets from Helmsford. Baroness must quickly go to aid in the planet’s defense, while You contact Trace about what to do next. Trace offers You a choice to either go to the catapult wreckage and scan it for alloy composition, or to go and help Baroness in defending Sora and maybe she’ll be willing to help the Concord in return. For the purpose of the guide we’ll be helping out with the defense. After defeating the hostile fleet, Baroness Kirst offers the catapult data in return as she is more than grateful for your contribution. You return to the Concordia station and deliver the Catapult data to Trace, who is eager to start with the construction of the Proxima. At this point of the game, the main story progresses only after you’ve constructed the Proxima construction site, and have researched 10 out of 12 Proxima Research & Development projects. When you finish your 10th research project, Proxima gets attacked by the Oath ships, which You have to defend. After the battle The Player is required to finish the last 2 Proxima research projects. After that the mission ends.

Mission 17 - Bon voyage[edit | edit source]

The Proxima is finished. Trace asks You to join him on the construction site and witness its first launch. The Proxima is operational. Councillor Emmerix thinks that the first objective for Proxima annihilation should be the Edea station. Trace advises against it since the Proxima hasn’t been fully tested yet. The Councillor is having none of that, and is determined to get rid of Edea. In order to get the Proxima to Edea, You need to set up the location beacons that will serve as a guide for the Proxima hyperspace jump, since it can’t move like a standard ship. Upon reaching the location for the beacon placement,You realize that the place is filled with some sort of jammers that would block the beacon’s transmitting even if it’s set up. You need to destroy the jammers, but the Black Oath keeps sending new reinforcements. After the battle You are required to deploy the Proxima and defend it while it’s charging. When it’s done charging its weapon, the Proxima is ready to fire and is waiting for You to command it to do so.  After the command is issued, the Proxima fires and completely destroys Edea, however, there seems to be something wrong with the Proxima. Trace lost the communication with the Proxima, and Ben’sara somehow got her hands on the ship. Emmerix is pleased as he was the one that allowed for this to happen. He thanks You and Trace for constructing such an impressive piece of technology and leaves with Ben’sara and the Proxima. Both You and Trace are outrageous but have to get back to Phaeneros, since the Proxima has the firepower to inflict severe damage to planets. They arrive to the planet as fast as they could, but they were too late, Emmerix already used the weapon and vast majority of the planet is in ruins. Search & Rescue teams are issued to the planet to help search for survivors, but the condition is critical. Trace returns to Concordia and begins to search for any sign of the Proxima in the area. This is the end of the mission.

Mission 18 - Farsight[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching the Concordia station, Trace is accompanied by Councillor Breckett, one of the Council members that were arrested on Phaeneros during the time Emmerix led everyone to believe that the other Council members were the ones that were working with the enemy. She reports that she and the other Council members Orlan and Caine suspected that Emmerix was doing something wrong by the way he acted, and soon discovered that he was indeed cooperating with the Black Oath. When they came to arrest him, the security turned on them for alleged treason. She then fills You in on who the Black Oath actually are. They are an extremist group that were on the same side as the Solari Concord in the Great War of the Gemini, the Empire, but now see the Concord as an abomination because the Concord turned away from the “Imperial ways”. She is not certain how Emmerix managed to communicate with the Black Oath and Ben’sara without getting caught by the intel, but believes that he used proxies and aliases. As far as the Proxima goes, the Black Oath had nothing, and were only pretending like they were building something to get Trace to construct the Proxima, which they were planning on stealing all along. Trace has an idea on how he can capture the Proxima, but they must find it first. He explains that the Proxima has a built-in safety mechanism which activates hyper jump to a predesignated safe location if it gets badly damaged. Trace can override the mechanism to trigger it ahead of time, and reprogram the safety destination to a location that they will be waiting at, but to see this plan through they first must wait for Emmerix to strike again with the Proxima. At that point, Trace will have a missile ready to deliver the code for the safety mechanism, since the Proxima is protected from any remote hacking. Trace believes that the best location for the Proxima to jump on, is the Maelstrom, since the powerful electromagnetic discharges from the ion storm will keep it in place once it jumps there. But for that to work, You must go to the Maelstrom first, and deploy the same beacons You did for the Edea destruction. When You arrive at the Maelstrom, You are “welcomed” by an Outlaw who doesn’t want You there, again because the Concord’s past. There are couple of choices on how You can handle this situation whether to fight, or try to solve this dispute diplomatically. Whatever the choice is, the Proxima trap is built after it. At this point the mission ends and the game progresses only after You’ve obtained a certain amount of fleet power, noted as an objective in the game.

Mission 19 - Entangle[edit | edit source]

It finally happened. Emmerix deployed the Proxima in the Union Claim region, with an intent to demolish the planet Fairuz. Trace immediately contacts You to go over the plan, and give You some last minute suggestions on the tactical approach. Everything is ready, and You must leave for Fairuz. As soon as You arrive, You can see the Proxima charging and have to transport Trace’s package onto it. You can use the commotion caused by the battle around the Proxima to come close enough so that the package can be successfully deployed. After successfully doing so, You must remain in the area for a while to make sure that the emergency jump is in fact activated and that the Proxima isn’t there anymore. It worked! The Proxima is in the Maelstrom, and is stuck there, according to the Concord scouts that were deployed there. You need to quickly travel to the jump location and confront Emmerix and Ben’sara. Since the ship is stuck in the Maelstrom and unable to move the Black Oath deployed a minefield around it in order to defend it, so You have to knock out the main control platform to disable the minefield. After doing so, the Proxima is vulnerable, but is defended by both Ben’sara and Emmerix, and several of their thugs. You are required to disable the Proxima by damaging it enough. After destroying it a certain amount, You are then contacted by the Evangelic Captain of the Core World Alliance stating that they are taking over the Proxima, and orders You to stop the attack. You are offered a choice here to try and negotiate with the captain peacefully or to fight. After dealing with the CWA fleet in whatever way You’ve selected, the main objective is once again the Proxima. Upon reaching the final stage of the Proxima demolish, Emmerix contacts You. He is furious about what just happened, and wants revenge. You offer him a choice to surrender and face trial, but he declines it. You then must destroy both him and Ben’sara, however it is possible to inflict enough damage to their ships for them to drop their biometric shields, allowing You to board and take over their ships. This scenario will arrest them, rather than killing them. After handling them both in whatever way You see fit, the Gemini is finally at peace. The Proxima is back where it belongs, and both You and Trace are free from any wrongdoing in the eyes of the Council. This is the end of the main story.

DLC - Titans Return[edit | edit source]

Main story ended and now you are asking yourself what to do next. Well don't worry there are two options for you. You can activate new storyline where you will have another few hours of new missions, fighting, taking over the galaxy and unlocking the strongest class of ships that ever existed the mighty Titans. The second options is continue in pure Freeroam that will give you a option to buy Titans without playing the storyline so you can start taking over the planets right away and play freelance missions.

Mission 1 - Titans return[edit | edit source]

After you docked on one of your stations there is incoming signal from Starpoint. There are some sources that are needed to be investigated send your crew to investigate it. It looks like it's a old Nyxian signature, Starpoint started reacting we need to pull our crew back before it's too late. Enemie army is attacking us, destroy their ships before it's too late. Zaldur is seeking for our help to establish himself once again as Gemini ruler we can help him and ask him to fulfill our demands or go by our own path, he decided to fulfill our demands for our help. Our assignment will be to attack the forward outpost.

Mission 2 - A new beginning[edit | edit source]

We need to go to the barracks construction site, Zaldur and his forces will be waiting for us there. We can't wait for Dominion forces to help us we need to attack them now before they have chance to regroup, they are continue coming it looks like we are going to need some help. Zaldur and his forces arrived lets crush the remaining forces. Their workers have finished up construction of the Barracks and it is up to us to wage further conquest, our goal is planet Nyx

Mission 3 - The Path[edit | edit source]

It is required to conquer all of the areas before we assault the planet and the CWA. We have encountered a behemoth blocking our way. It has a special power to command ethereal ships, we need to come up with a different tactic to get past it. After we escaped there is incoming transmission, it looks like it won't be possible to progress normally even with the help of Defiance. but there is another option maybe we will have more luck. We are heading to Yxaril Wastes region to find Eldrin Gray or as he likes to call himself ''Ratman''.

Mission 4 - The Ratman[edit | edit source]

We found him we found the Ratman. The radiation levels are off the charts, but it seems that we are accumulating some kind of an energy barrier as time passes by, so we should charge it up before we start moving. After reaching the new coordinates there is some kind of ship, it looks like it's Ratmans secret porject for 30 years called Juggernaut. Ratman is giving us the Juggernaut, but Juggernaut is being under attack we need to protect it and constantly charge our radiation shields. Ratman was testing us before giving us the Juggernaut, he is pleased and the Juggernaut is handed to us.

Mission 5 - Zaldur's Wrath[edit | edit source]

Now that we have 2 Titans on our side we stand a chance against the Legion. Zaldur is waiting for us at the location of the final fight. We should prepare and join him to eliminate the CWA once and for all. The final battle starts, let's disable the Legion, Legion is defeated. But looks like the battle didn't end, Pandora showed up and it doesn't look good at all we need to send emergency code to the HQ, prepare the Proxima. Pandora is activating the defense field and her defenses are impenetrable to regular ordinance. Proxima is ready deploy the Proxima, defend the Proxima until it charges up. Proxima is charged up, fire the Proxima, Pandora is destroyed, but the Legion is still functional.According to the logs from the Legion, Loras was telling the truth. Harmonizer was dismantled and used for empowering the Legion and Pandora.

Mission 6 - Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Zaldur is waiting for us at the camp. We should join him when we are ready. We arrived at Zaldur's battle camp and are going to fight Zaldur, let's hope we get out this one alive. Zaldur is defeated Defiance ship is ours. Titan's DLC storyline is finished, now it's time to take over the planets and the whole galaxy.

Jobs Board[edit | edit source]

Every station and planet that you can dock on will have a Jobs Board on its premise. The Jobs Board is a list of available tasks given to the locals in and around the station. These lists are updated frequently, and can be a great source of income if you're looking for a way to earn some credits. There are several types of missions, some are harder than the others, but also yield more credits and experience, it's up to the player to find the ones that best suit his desires and abilities.

Delivery Deliver the cargo to a specified location.
Timed Delivery Deliver the cargo to a specified location before the timer runs out.
Destruction Destroy all ships and structures on a given location.
Installation Assault Destroy a specific installation, usually heavy guarded.
Installation Defense Defend a specified installation from various attackers. Repair local defense platforms for assistance.
Maintenance Repair the target structure.
Hunt Find and kill/capture the target's ship or ships.
Search and Destroy Find a specified target and destroy its ship.
Convoy Raid Attack convoy as it goes from one location to another. The goal is not to destroy everything. Mission success is measured by the amount of goods dropped from freighters.
Convoy Escort Guard a convoy as it goes from one location to another. Mission success is measured by the amount of goods that make it to destination.
Survey Go to location (usually a planet), open the planet surface panel and send a team to survey the target surface location.
Salvage Go to target location and use the given Scavenger Swarm equipment to salvage derelicts.
Prospector Go to the target location and mine asteroids.