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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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Another piece of remodified Imperial technology. This ship was spawned from the abandoned Project KX 881, originally an Imperial weapon of mass destruction first tested in Orion many years ago. The Numibians aquired the technical plans of the weapon just before Orion was evacuated and lost. They were unable to complete the project, but they used complicated energy systems to turn it into a full fledged Destroyer.

Ship Stats[edit | edit source]

Manufacturer Price Hull Soak Shield Shield Refill Shield Down Crew Cargo Core
Numibia 4,000,000 26,000 0.07 7,350 40 5 60 185 130
Hangar Cloak Transport Grapple Grapple Fail Sensor Range Evasion Speed Maneuver Battery Power
1 0 11 500 0 2300 0.10 32 1.38 115
Battery Refill Battery Down Light W Front Light W Left Light W Right Light W Rear Heavy W Front Heavy W Left Heavy W Right Heavy W Rear
9.00 2.00 4 3 3 3 30 20 20 20

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Where to buy[edit | edit source]

Facility Type Region Faction
? ? ? ?

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