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Introduction[edit | edit source]

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Planets are huge points of interest within the Gemini space. Currently, 16 planets are carefully placed across the area in order to emphasize strategic decisions. They are, depending on the game difficulty level, heavily defended but can ten fold your worth once captured. Assaulting an area with a planet might often be the last thing that you'll do, so think twice before you invade these hostile territories.

You can see the full Starpoint Gemini Warlords map here - File:Gemini Map.jpg

List of Planets[edit | edit source]

Screenshot Location Description
Baeldor.jpg Baeldor Location.jpg Baeldor is the capital of the Baeldor Republic. This highly urbanized planet is the greatest achievement of human colonization in Gemini, and after the destruction of Carthagena, the most densely populated world in the entire system. Great cities of majestic beauty were built to stand as a monument to human success in deep space. Baeldor suffered greatly in both Gemini wars, but the resilient people repeatedly rose from the ashes and rebuilt their dream.
Carthagena.jpg Carthagena Location.jpg Carthagena served as the capital for all Imperial and Directorate institutions. This planet had the perfect atmosphere and environment and was closest to the Starpoint. The result was very rapid urbanization and development. At the end of the first Gemini war, tragedy later named "Starpoint incident" obliterated the entire planet. Most of the planet's population was wiped out and all cities destroyed.
Corrion.jpg Corrion Location.jpg Corrion is the Gemini's "Water world". Mild atmosphere attracted many colonists to settle here, but vast oceans on this waterworld challenged engineers greatly. Today this peaceful world remains one of the least urbanized, but also most preserved environments in Gemini.
Eanakai.jpg Eanakai Location.jpg Eanakai is the "Tropical paradise". This world has only a few landmasses, but dangerous creatures living deep inland prevented serious colonization. Most cities are built in protected coastal areas of the continents. The last three decades have seen most of the cities of this world struggling to rebuild from global super earthquake that caused almost complete devastation.
Fairuz.jpg Fairuz Location.jpg Fairuz is the Gemini's "Mega factory". Abundance of natural resources made it a perfect place to jump-start an entire Gemini production following the start of serious colonization. Due to its high manufacturing value, Fairuz was also the target of many wars and invasions. Last one was during first Gemini war when Directorate forces conducted sustained orbital bombardment that resulted in global environmental catastrophe.
Heeland.jpg Heeland Location.jpg Heeland - Heeland is a barely populated planet, located on the fringe of the Gemini system. The surface is mostly landmass, broken only by the enormous Coral Sea. The sea is wrongly named after the indigenous fungus-like lifeforms that inhabit the seabed. Heeland was the next planet designated for terraforming, but the process was halted with the beginning of the Gemini War for Independence. The "Garden of Eden" terraforming platform, floating silently in the planet's orbit, is the only reminder of this period. What little population is left on Heeland are still hopeful the terraforming process can be restarted, but since the outer regions of Gemini were mostly abandoned, hopes for this are slim at best.
Hogosha.jpg Hogosha Location.jpg Hogosha - Planet of "Thousand sky-cities". The only completely successfully terraformed planet in Gemini. Hogosha was the last planet to be colonized. Rolling green hills and endless waterfalls hide the fact Hogosha was in fact a desert world. For fifty years engineers constructed gigantic flying platforms all over planet. They were in essence terraforming pods. After the process was completed, these platforms were used to house cities for the new colonists.
Iolia.jpg Iolia Location.jpg Iolia is the Gemini's "Ice globe". It's the central planet of the Iolian Pact. The planet itself as a major trading and transit hub. Dozens of shady semi-legal groups operate from this world and their activities make Iolia a very unsettling and dangerous place to live in. The most powerful Gemini company, MultiOps, succeeds to maintain order only in several major cities where they established the biggest weapon manufacturing plants in the entire Gemini.
Korkyra.jpg Korkyra Location.jpg Korkyra is the dark and cold planet with very few water surfaces. Korkyra is the homeworld of the former Korkyran Triumvirate. People of Korkyra are a disciplined and proud nation, with unmatched respect for its mighty military and social hierarchy. Cities are huge, modern and functional with no room for beauty or designers' ingenuity. This world has avoided any major destruction throughout Gemini history, since it has established itself as an "impossible" target for decades.
Nyx.jpg Nyx Location.jpg Nyx is the homeworld of the Nyxian Consortium. This green world is covered with massive jungles and rich wildlife. After initial colonization, Nyxian local authorities started a full scale terraforming project aimed to reconfigure the planet to match Earth in its likeness. Project failed but genetic mutation on local wildlife caused increased spread of forests and animals. Today, all urban areas are separated with barriers that require constant maintenance.
Phaeneros.jpg Phaeneros Location.jpg Phaeneros - The scarcely populated Phaeneros is one of the distant planets of Gemini. Surprisingly, it is considered relatively hospitable. First colonists, however, were forced to build atmosphere purifiers to "clean up" the air of excess methane gas to make the planet more amiable to humans. All known colonization efforts were additionally slowed down by the constant threat of meteor hits that regularly blast into the surface of Phaeneros.
Pyros.jpg Pyros Location.jpg Pyros is the "Hell-pit". It's a world of million volcanoes. Surface is very dangerous and cities are built in protected domes or underground. Despite all precautions, natural disasters are frequent and Pyros remains most underpopulated planet to this day. Some areas of this world are considered smugglers paradise, but reluctance of any territorial faction to unleash a major military operation offered criminal syndicates a chance to properly entrench themselves for a long period.
Solyma.jpg Solyma Location.jpg Solyma - Solyma is a frozen wasteland. The low annual precipitation, however, denies the planet of even basic rainfall or snow. Drinkable water, thankfully, is distilled and purified from the large frozen ocean that stretches from the planet's south pole to the north pole. Little is known about Solyma since it was never meticulously surveyed. Solyma's fringe position makes it ideal for shady groups and individuals wanting to "get off the grid".
Sora.jpg Sora Location.jpg Sora is the Gemini's "Dark-lab". It's the homeworld of the Nexus and its appearance follows the philosophy of its rulers to the letter. The planet is in essence one huge scientific hub. Super-modern cities blend together with natural surroundings and all of its resources are used to power the thousands of laboratories and testing sites.
Thauria.jpg Thauria Location.jpg Thauria is the barren world. It's also the second largest planet in Korkyran territory. It supports human life just barely. Inhabitants are a sturdy, proud people that value military life just like their Korkyran counterparts. For the last several years, this planet has been the center of rebellion against the Korkyran government. During this war, Thauria has been repeatedly besieged and attacked, but remains strong and undefeated.
Trinity.jpg Trinity Location.jpg Trinity is the "New Earth" and probably the perfect planet for human civilization in Gemini. Its early development was hampered by numerous disputes between the local colonist groups. After major colonization began, Imperial forces had to undertake three military operations just to ensure peace and order. This bad start was never caught up with.