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Classes & Skills[edit | edit source]

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There are three classes to choose from in Starpoint Gemini Warlords, all of which were designed to supplement different tactical approaches when it comes to combat. Every class comes with four skills that make it unique compared to the other two. Each skill can be upgraded to improve its effect, all the way up to level 10, and is given some sort of a modifier when it gets to level 5. That is done through skill points, which are acquired as You level up. Note that, when starting out from scratch, as a brand new level 1 player, whatever Class You choose, will have only three skills to use. The final skill for your Class is not available until your character reaches level 5. The final skill doesn't need skill points to improve, it improves automatically as you level up. You can combine skills from all classes if you wish, and that is done through the Gladiatrix Quartermaster, however it will cost You.

Vanguard[edit | edit source]

The Vanguard Class is a close-quarter, brute force, kind of a class. Passive bonus gives it a significant light weapon damage boost for targets that are very close.

Skill Description
Shotgun Shoots dozens of explosive shots in a cone.
Ram Charge at enemy at high speed.
Gravity Pull Pulls enemies closer to you.
Overload Deals damage in a large area.

Sharpshooter[edit | edit source]

The Sharpshooter Class is exact opposite of the Vanguard Class. It's meant to be used from a distance, with a passive bonus that increases light weapon damage for targets that are further away.

Skill Description
Precision Shot Fire a destructive bolt at an enemy.
Holo Decoy Create a holographic decoy of your ship to draw away enemy fire.
Gravity Push Push enemies away from your ship.
Warhead Blast your enemies in a large radius with a destructive warhead.

Marauder[edit | edit source]

The Marauder class is a rogue-like class, that uses sneak attacks and cloaking technology to finish off its target. The Marauder class passive increases critical chance for light weapons.

Skill Description
Expose A short-range detonation that weakens the target's defenses.
Cloak Enter a cloaked state to avoid detection.
Disable A close-quarters blast that disables the target for a short duration.
Execute A short-range, single-target attack which bypasses shields and deals more damage to weaker enemies.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Perks in SPGW are categorized in six different groups to make the whole Perk panel much more organized and easier to comprehend. Perks are unlocked using perk points that are awarded upon leveling up. However, there are some perks that have requirements other than perk points in order to be unlocked. The only perk "tree" that can't be unlocked with perk points is the "Savvy Chief" tree, which requires a certain amount of ship captures and pillage points, explained in the perk description. When the requirements for that particular perk set are met, the perk is obtained automatically. There are currently

Ships[edit | edit source]
Perk Description
Gunship familiarity Increases evasion and Light weapon damage while flying a gunship
Corvette familiarity Increases Shield absorption and Light weapon energy recharge while flying a corvette
Frigate familiarity Increases energy, projectile and plasma resistances while flying a frigate
Destroyer familiarity Increases Light weapon energy recharge, and fire rate while flying a destroyer
Cruiser familiarity Increases acceleration and Heavy weapon ammo capacity while flying a cruiser
Battleship familiarity Increases critical hit chance while flying a battleship
Dreadnought familiarity Increases damage absorption and Light weapon energy recharge while flying a dreadnought
Carrier familiarity Increases maximum number of fighter crafts and reduces Heavy weapon reload time while flying a carrier
Freighter familiarity Increases damage absorption and freighter cargo while flying a freighter
Freightliner familiarity Increases damage absorption and reduces sublight charge-up time while flying aGoverning freightliner
Weapons[edit | edit source]
Perk Description
Beam training Increases damage against shields when using beam weapons
Railgun training Increases critical hit chance when using railgun weapons
Plasma cannon training Reduces energy consumption when using plasma weapons
Heavy weapon training Reduces Heavy weapon reload time
Governing[edit | edit source]
Perk Description
Tax collector/Master of taxes/Thy king demands Each zone under your control grants credits on a weekly basis
Field logistics Structure construction is 40% faster
Free mason All production conducted in the HQ is done 35% faster
Lab rat Reduce research duration by 15%
Personal[edit | edit source]
Perk Description
Merchant Unlocks new dialogue options and reduces trading fee for Civilian Missions
Diplomacy Unlocks new dialogue options and reduces the reputation required for trade deals
Freelancer Increases credit and experience yield from freelance missions
Treasure Hunter Increases the chance of finding resources inside cargo containers
Miner Increases mining loot yield and amount of resources gained by asteroid mining
Junker Increases scavenging loot yield and amount of Materials gained while scavenging junk
Salvager Increases salvage loot yield, reduces time required by Scavenger Swarm to salvage a derelict, and increases amount of Materials gained while salvaging derelicts
Scientist Increases amount of Gas gained by scanning anomalies and reduces time required to scan an object
Extractor Increases extraction loot yield, reduces the time required by Gas Collectors to collect gas pockets, and increases amount of Gas acquired while extracting gas pockets,
Engineering[edit | edit source]
Perk Description
Hacking Unlocks new dialogue options and reduces time required to hack an enemy satellite
Fixer Increases ship system repair rate and enables ship hull regeneration when not in combat
Minelayer Increases duration time and damage of mines and deployed platforms
Environmentalist Reduces the damage taken while inside an asteroid field, nebulas and junkyards
Space wolf Increases base radiation and EMP resistance
Warfare[edit | edit source]
Perk Description
Tactical appraisal Gain more info on targeted objects
Trickster Reduces equipment cooldown
Tread lightly Reduces/removes damage dealt by explosive mines

/Marauder/Corsair/Pirate Lord

Increases boarding proficiency and structure pillage yield
Negotiations Increases chance to capture enemy ships and chance to raid enemy structures
Savvy Chief Increases boarding proficiency