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Starpoint Gemini 3

INTRODUCTION:[edit | edit source]

Starpoint Gemini 3 is an open-world space action single-player RPG, currently in Early Access. Enter the cockpit of hardbitten hero Captain Jonathan Bold as he travels the vast universe of Starpoint Gemini 3.

Engage in action-packed space battles, visit amazing worlds and encounter interesting characters to find the answers you seek. For the first time in the franchise, Starpoint Gemini 3 brings animated 3D, NPCs that you can interact with, and this time your path leads beyond Gemini as you get to explore two new planetary systems.

You are not alone on your journey. You have ADAH, a digital consciousness that runs your ship's computer and can download itself onto your drone, which you can then control in ADAH’s role to accomplish off-ship tasks you could never do alone.

Buckle your seatbelts and prepare to immerse yourself in a world of space adventurer. Visit various venues, from pubs with shady clientele to high-tech facilities and glitzy, noisy nightclubs, pick your targets and choose your allies. Your journey is about to begin.

Starpoint Gemini 3 is fourth sequel in the space games franchise. Game uses familiar Starpoint Universe and storyline takes place after the events of previous titles. It is a highly narrative experience that explains already existing Universe from a completely different vantage point comparing it to any previous title in the series.

Storywriter for Starpoint Gemini 3 was Darko Macan, renown creator of multiple Star Wars and Marvel comics.

KEY FEATURES:[edit | edit source]

  • The largest game universe in the Starpoint Gemini series spanning three different planetary systems
  • Adrenaline-pumping, action-packed space combat that allows distinct play-styles and on-the-fly weapon switching
  • A complete set of RPG skills to boost the player's capabilities
  • Modular ship upgrading system
  • Crafting system that allows the player to create new items and weapons to sell or use
  • A variety of available activities including mining valuable materials and exploring the vast universe
  • A unique chance to explore the shocking truth about the other imperial colonies and the fate of alien races
  • A large variety of characters with unique personalities, different questlines and factions
  • An engaging storyline written by Darko Macan, an official writer for numerous Star Wars and Marvel comics
  • A unique digital companion, ADAH, that assist the player in uncovering Bold's shady origins
  • Detailed interiors on different planets; visit them all!
  • Capital ships mechanics

STEAM PAGE:[edit | edit source]

Game itself, news on updates and technical guides are available here:

VIDEOS:[edit | edit source]

Announcement trailer
Gameplay trailer

GAME CONTENT:[edit | edit source]

Main character and his AI companion[edit | edit source]

Jonathan Bold is a young capable captain that does everything he can to avoid faction wars or getting involved in big politics. His mission is not to save the universe, but to enjoy life, earn a nice buck and remain popular with ladies. As it usually happens, future will, however, have different plans, and real adventure starts when Bold realizes his biological heritage will push him to spotlight of events whether he wants it or not...

Bold 2.png

ADAH is digital AI entity that accompanies captain Bold in all his travels. When onboard spaceship, she appears as verbal AI interface, but she can also be downloaded into a robotic drone and sent to perform off-ship tasks to hardy accessible areas. Besides plenty of knowledge and skills using ship systems, ADAH is also programmed with „amusing“ presonality that make her both more human and annoying at the same time.

ADAH companion.jpg

Universe[edit | edit source]

Starpoint Gemini 3 is the first game in the series that also takes place in other systems outside Gemini. Maps are scattered in three distant systems, all of which were colonies of now erased Earth Empire.

Gemini system - Iolia, Pyros, Sora

Sirius system - Caterton, Dogon, Extera

Solar system - Earth, Io, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn

All planets can be visited and docked at. Starchart features two different zoom levels. In first you have an overview of all three systems along with planets they include.

In second Starchart layer you can zoom in to see the individual sector map with individual objects and landmarks.

Interiors, characters, stations, interaction[edit | edit source]

In Starpoint Gemini 3 every dockable object like planet or space station has access to interior spaces. And in each interior space player can see and talk to fully animated 3D characters. Barman characters can offer various freelance jobs or share a useful rumor.

When following a storyline, player will encounter even wider range of characters, both human and alien species. Their role in the story is more entangled with player and they engage in broad conversations creating tighter connection to player and offering context to all unfolding events.

Space stations are scattered all across maps and they are vital safeheavens where players can dock, restock, sell or buy commodities and equipment, accept jobs, upgrade ship with modules etc. Each station has a set of logistics services to offer and each is run by a certain faction. Station services will be denied if player has too weak reputation with faction running the station.

Visual identity[edit | edit source]

Starpoint Gemini 3 uses 4th iteration of WhaleX in-house developed game engine. In this latest generation, support for 3D characters, animations and blendshapes is added.

Besides that, engine offers significant upgrades to overal visual quality of the game, including option to create more detailed and atmospheric appeal of asteroid fields, nebulas, junkyards etc...

Ships and factions[edit | edit source]

There are 8 different factions in Starpoint Gemini 3. They are scattered throughout systems but each major system has some factions that originate from there. Some factions separate from others on the basis of species, others on pure interests and goals they pursue. Due to extremely different objectives, many of these groups also have disputes between themselves, even open war isn't an unusual thing. Player has individual reputation with each of them, and where that reputation will go from the start, depends only on player's actions, missions he takes and ways he behaves in every situation. These choices impact the way game is played later on, as well as difficulty and available choices.

A'Shriari - Alien species. They invaded and ultimately caused destruction of the Earth Empire. Despite popular belief, their goals was not to annihilate the human race, but end the existance of the Empire because of dreadful genetic experiments they conducted. They still have a limited presence today in various parts of human pupulated areas.

StarpointGemini3 GornarKahn.jpg

Dogons - With over 4 billion in numbers, Dogons are by far largest single faction in Sirius system. They are also alien race, but with no tendency for violence. Highly educated and enlightened, they do still operate a mighty space fleet and don't have any problems using it if required. Sometimes they seem too confident and arrogant towards humans, but given past experiences, not without reason.

Exterans - Very peaceful race of aliens. They inhabit planet Extera, and rarely travel outside homeplanet. Exterans are an old Sirius race, older then Dogons, but their society fell behind all others in the system, including humans. They prefer old ways, not too much technology and they keep to themselves as much as possible. Dogons are highly protective of Exterans, considering them respected ancestors, so this powerful protection allows Exterans to live as they want and not being too threatened by younger, aggresive races.

Nexus - Human faction from Gemini. Extremely focused on science and tech advances. In the past they were responsible for some of the greatest technological breakthroughs, as well as some tragical mistakes. Their blind belief in might of the technology put them into spotlight of Gemini as saviours at times, but ultimately also caused complete collapse of their society. Today, they still work on putting together pieces of their former glory.

MultiOps - Human faction and the only one that remarkably survived all wars, every cataclism and even alien invasion. They are the industrial engine of all human territories. Started centuries ago as a private industrial corporation, MultiOps spread into every imperial colony and every single planet. In time they became largest manufacturer of spaceships, weapons and all sorts of technology. They also built the first private armada in Gemini, through which they dominated and ruled some Gemini factions in the past. MultiOps is held together by power, money and incredible neverending quest for wealth.

Templars - Another human faction that appeared relatively recently. Templars are mostly remnants of defeated Earth Empire. Admirals, generals and military units that never stopped believing in imperial values. Even today, they work relentlessly on attempt to revive the Empire, completely assured that it was the brightest moment in human history. Not a very large faction, but very well organized and very dangerous.

Outlaws - Not a unified faction, but operate as a loose alliance between anyone sharing hate for any kind of law. Outlaws include various pirate groups, smugglers, scavengers, anarchists etc. They do have sufficient numbers of ships and battle hardened veterans to secure total control of some space stations and even territory, so in a sence they did start to operate as any other official faction.

Liberland - An unusual pacifist human faction. Originally created by refugees and deserters from the Empire, they never shared imperial goals so they abandoned everything and started their colonies on the outer side of Magellan Cloud. Ignored by Dogon Kingdom, and without immediate threat from crumbling Empire, Liberland faction prospered and gain formidable wealth and reputation.

There are currently 39 different spaceships models existing in the game. Players can encounter, combat or cooperate with any of them. They are divided into several types, classes and purposes so some of them belong to fast agile fighter craft from few smaller classes, others are capital ship classes with unique combat capabilities, and last category is trading and hauling ships with limited defensive capabilities. Not all factions produce their own ships, and some don't produce all ship classes. The more powerful certain faction is, broader variety of ships and equipment they are producing.

StarpointGemini3 Dogon Ganon.jpg
Dogon N/A
StarpointGemini3 Dogon Hunter.jpg
Dogon 300 /150 /150
StarpointGemini3 Dogon Overlord.jpg
Dogon 39000 /0 /??
StarpointGemini3 Dogon Warden.jpg
Dogon 600 /300 /195
StarpointGemini3 DogonFreighter.jpg
Dogon 4000 /0 /??
Doug Jones freighter
StarpointGemini3 DougJones Freighter.jpg
Doug Jones 13520 /5070 /??
StarpointGemini3 Exteran Champion.jpg
Exteran 530 /450 / 195
StarpointGemini3 Exteran Defender.jpg
Exteran 380 /230 /150
Trade Frigate
StarpointGemini3 Exteran TradeFrigate.jpg
Exteran 4500 /0 /??
Gas Collector
StarpointGemini3 GasCollector.jpg
4000 /0 /??
StarpointGemini3 Liberland Carrier.jpg
Liberland 45000 /0 /??
StarpointGemini3 Liberland Sentinel.jpg
Liberland 600 /300 /195
StarpointGemini3 Liberland Tempest.jpg
Liberland 230 /150 /150
StarpointGemini3 MulltiOps Ion.jpg
MultiOps 530 /450 /195
StarpointGemini3 MultiOps Freighter.jpg
MultiOps 4000 /0 /??
StarpointGemini3 MultiOps Legion.jpg
MultiOps N/A
StarpointGemini3 MultiOps Patriarch.jpg
MultiOps 45000 /0 /??
StarpointGemini3 MultiOps Recon.jpg
MultiOps 80 /50 /120
StarpointGemini3 MultiOps Shadow.jpg
MultiOps 230 /230 /150
StarpointGemini3 MultiOps Striker.jpg
MultiOps 450 /150 /130
StarpointGemini3 MultiOps Vanquisher.jpg
MultiOps 12000 /0 /??
StarpointGemini3 MultiOps Ventura.jpg
MultiOps N/A
Attack drone
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws AttackDrone.jpg
Berzerker frigate
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws BerzerkerFrigate.jpg
Outlaws 3500 /0 /??
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws Bomber.jpg
Outlaws 350 /220 /??
Battleship Krieger
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws BShipKrieger.jpg
Outlaws 33520 /0 /??
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws ChargerGunship.jpg
Outlaws 750 /150 /195
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws Dozer.jpg
Outlaws 380 /150 /210
Envy Frigate
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws EnvyFrigate.jpg
Outlaws 30000 /0 /??
Goon scout
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws GoonScout.jpg
Outlaws 150 /150 /120
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws Guerilla.jpg
Outlaws 300 /150 /165
Gunner gunship
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws GunnerGunship.jpg
Outlaws 600 /300 /195
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws Insurgent.jpg
Outlaws 450 /150 /130
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws Looter.jpg
Outlaws 150 /50 /120
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws Rebel.jpg
Outlaws 230 /150 /165
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws Rogue.jpg
Outlaws 230 /230 /150
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws Stalker.jpg
Outlaws 200 /90 /150
StarpointGemini3 Outlaws Tank.jpg
Outlaws 380 /230 /210
StarpointGemini3 Templars Vanguard.jpg
Templars 380 /150 /195

Game modes[edit | edit source]

Game offers 3 different game modes - Campaign, Freeroam and An outlaw's life.

Campaign is mode centered on storyline, however open world freeroam is still enabled, but at specific junctions of campaign where player decides when to trigger next storyline mission.

Freeroam is mode with disabled campaign, and players have access to unrestricted sandbox experience throughout all systems, sectors and non-campaign missions.

An outlaw's life is second preset freeroam mode where player starts in pirate area of space with different start variables.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Starpoint Gemini 3 is a fast paced action simulation game with functional RPG system. Two view modes are available - cockpit view and 3rd person view. Player can assemble entire ship from individual modules, each with individual statistics. When in combat, combination of light and heavy weapons is available, each discharging a certain damage type. Players can have as many weapons as they can carry, but two of each main types can be „pre-installed“ and switched in mid-flight via simple shortcut key. Idea is for players to have, at all times, option to combine two different damage types, or two different effective ranges of weapons.

Player ship will offer shield energy, main hull hitpoints, as well as weapon energy pool or remaining ammo in case of missiles weapons. Size end efficiency of these systems depends on modules used to build the ship, their statistics as well as player current skill levels and proficiencies.

During combat, it is possible to execute a number of rapid maneuvers thanks to boost, cut engines and lateral movement options. Weapon energy will gradually deplete if firing occurs constantly, but as soon as firing stops, energy will start replenishing. Certain light weapon types also have a „spin-up“ effect meaning rate of fire will increase as long as weapon is maintained in constant fire mode. Attacking friendly or neutral targets will result in decreased faction reputation, and consequent retaliation of attacked ships regardless of their current reputation level. Every destroyed ship will leave loot after being destroyed, and value of the loot is determined by overal strength of the enemy. Should any combat happen within the area of any friendly ships, they will respond by helping player.

Combat against capital ships has unique parts of the mechanics, with weakpoints to be targeted and exploited, but also special ship abilities players need to avoid.

Movement/fast travel systems[edit | edit source]

Due to large distances within each sector, and number of distant systems on main Starchart, Starpoint Gemini 3 has several ways to conduct very fast travel between remote places. Each way has its own purpose:

Nav Buoy - Navigation points within every sector. On sector layer of Starchart you can see a number of dots and lined connecting them. These are the Nav lines and they all form a spider's net through entire sector connecting Nav Buoys that are esentially start and exit points. Procedure of using them in-game is simple; you approach the Nav Buoy object that is clearly showing the direction and destination place, select it and use dock option. This will activate Nav Buoy and player ship will be instantly jumped to exit point of the Nav line. Same works in both directions on each Nav Buoy.

StarpointGemini3 Nav Buoy 2.jpg

T Gate - These large objects are built in each sector with the purpose of serving instant jumps between different sectors. Player needs to approach one to a certain distance, and then simply use one to be transported to destination sector

StarpointGemini3 TGate 1.jpg

Starpoint - Massive structures built for the purpose of system-to-system fast travel. Each system has only one Starpoint and through it you can jump to another system, specifically to an exact sector within that system that has a Starpoint structure

StarpointGemini3 Starpoint.jpg

Modular player ship[edit | edit source]

Esentially, in Starpoint Gemini 3 player doesn't buy individual various ships. Every drydock has certain amounts of various ship modules, and ships are assembled with these different modules. There is a huge number of possible combinations when assembling your ship, and each combination results in a completely different visual appearance of the ship as well as final performance and best suited purpose. Modules are divided into several main categories, each changing key characteristics that specific module is designed for:

Hull modules - they are essential for the visual look of the asembled ship, and also hold stats for cargo space size and hitpoints

Wing modules - they bring significant variations to visual look of the ship and hold weapon hardpoint determining how many individual light weapons can be mounted to ship

Shield generator modules - smaller visual add-on but significantly changes the behaviour of ship shields, in terms of overall power, energy regeneration and damage type resistances

Scanner modules - smaller visual add-on, important for range and precision of scanning, especiall when searching for mineable „rich nodes“

Engine modules - they bring significant visual changes to the ship visual appearance, as well as changes to ship speed and boost

Battery modules - smaller visual upgrade to ship, but important for overall energy capacity that determines how long mounted weapons can sustain constant fire at maximum capacity

ADAH drone mechanics[edit | edit source]

ADAH is player AI companion. When used within spaceship it serves as verbal AI interface that helps player maintaining ship and using of ship systems. Thanks to added „amusing personality“, ADAH can also serve as real companion that main character can share his thoughts and feelings with. However, that part of ADAH's personality is less refined so it can hav an adverse effect at times.

Unique ability of ADAH AI is she can be downloaded into a robotic drone and sent to an away missions. These missions usually include hard-to-access areas like infiltration of space stations, or abandoned derelicts. When engaged in such off-ship missions, player will control ADAH drone directly, using different drone mechanics. Movement is handeled pretty much like in any standard 3rd person game, but drone will have new options to hack terminals, open doors, find and collect loot, but also use weapon to attack enemies and monitor her stealth status to prevent being detected.

Weapons / Equipment[edit | edit source]

In Starpoint Gemini 3 there are two main weapons categories: light weapons and heavy weapons. Light weapons are energy based weapons that come with several different damage types, and heavy weapons are missiles that also come in several variations depending on precision and intended target.

Light weapons: blasters

Light weapons from these 4 categories can yield physical, energy or plasma damage

StarpointGemini3 Light weapons.jpg

They bring different rate of fire, and depending on category some are intended for dealing heavy damage on close range, while others are better at longer ranges

Heavy weapons: Non-guided dumbfire missiles; they need to be manually aimed and fired, but fire several missiles with separate trajectories. Good for launching a cluster missile attack against incoming groups of enemies

Guided missiles; lockable missiles that are automatically guided to locked target and have very successful hit percentage unless intercepted by countermeasures. Cannot be fired unless specific target is locked

Torpedoes; special missiles constructed for use against massive targets like capital ships. Much slower then any other missile type, but yield devastating damage

Crafting and mining[edit | edit source]

Mining in Starpoint Gemini 3 is rather straightforward, you need to approach and destroy asteroids by firing at them. Once they are destroyed, they will most of the times drop loot in term of some raw material. Second tier with mining is to fing so called „rich nodes“. These are much more rare asteroids with far more valuable ore. However, to specifically pinpoint them, player needs to install upgraded scanning module to ship in drydock. It is possible to find rich nodes even without better scanning module, but in that case finding them will be a pure luck, and not a very probable luck.

Crafting is another relatively simple mechanics. When travelling anywhere, there are number of ways to obtain blueprints for certain items - finding them in derelicts, extracting them from destroyed ships etc... After player secures the blueprint, he'll need to find materials necessary to craft item in question. Craftable items can be a big variety of things - fully prepared weapons, missiles or equipment player can directly use, or some other, more valuable comodity that can be used as a source of added revenue.

Skills[edit | edit source]

In Starpoint Gemini 3, similar to previous games, there is an entire functional RPG system. Player gathers experience by completing various tasks and missions, of fighting and destroying enemies. Experience is then converted to increased player level, and that opens skill points to be awarded to any of the following groups:

  • Blasters
  • Machineguns
  • Scatterguns
  • Cannons
  • Missiles
  • Maneuverability
  • Shields
  • Systems

By adding skill points to them, player significantly increases performance of designated weapon types, damage, reload time or precision. Same level of improvements can be dedicated for shields or some other installed equipment.

Reputation[edit | edit source]

There are 8 different main factions in Starpoint Gemini 3, and player has reputation bar for each of them. They also have reputation between each other, and every positive or negative action player does will increase or decrease reputation with specific faction, as well as with any other faction that is somehow entangled directly with it.

Reputation bar displays the current standings with factions, as well as quick overview of closest relations that faction has with others.

Missions and freelance jobs[edit | edit source]

Since Starpoint Gemini 3 features a fully functional open world system, need for adding an entire missions system existed. Note that in this section it's all about non-campaign missions. In freeroam players can take and perform missions in several different ways: talking to bartenders onboard space stations/planets and accepting missions they offer, or simply travel around and accept a role in so called „random events“. These events will appear everywhere in sectors and player can decide to intervene in any of them. Accordingly, players will be rewarded with experience and loot. Some events will go a step further and offer a passing player quick mission objective should one decide to stay and perform asked tasks.

Both concepts of freelance missions can include missions like elimination of a specific opponent, repair or destroy designated structure, defend something, scan and gather data from anomaly etc. These missions are rather simple and will always inform player about its difficulty status and possible reward. Upon completion of missions, rewards and experience will be awarded automatically so there is no need to return to questgiver.

Capital ships[edit | edit source]

Enemy capital ships

In Starpoint Gemini 3 player will encounter enemy capital ships on numerous occassions, and if he provokes intentionally, neutral or friendly capital ships can also become enemy targets. They are formidable opponents, and defeating them requires a bit of tactics. Attacking a heavily defended massive ship with your smaller craft head on would likely be a suicide, so smarter approach is needed. Why+en approached, enemy capital ship will reveal a number of weakpoints. Player should primarily engage these weakpoints to deliver a damaging blow to engines, shields, weapons or something else. Continuous attacks agains weakpoint will bring the enemy capital ship into „bleeding out“ much faster. It is, however, important to note that capital ship can certainly return the favour by using his abilities and massive weapons so players should be careful. Capital ships also have entire crew complements so they will attempt to actively repair any hit weakpoint as fast as possible.

Player capital ship

Details on Player controlled capital ships is yet to be revealed...

Game Guides[edit | edit source]

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:[edit | edit source]

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit only)

Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 / AMD FX-4350

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 280X

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 49 GB available space

LITTLE GREEN MEN GAMES:[edit | edit source]

LGM Games is a growing team of highly motivated and talented programmers, writers, 3D and 2D artists and animators, all sharing the same passion for video games. Our mission is to create new worlds and adventures, with players - for players. LGM Games stands behind the successful Starpoint Gemini series, from our debut title in 2010 to the 2014 sequel, then 2017 spinoff title Warlords, along with countless expansions. LGM’s vision of space-flavored RPG simulation games continues to evolve and grow, with many more exciting elements to be revealed in the future. To learn more about Little Green Men Games, visit:

DISCLAIMER:[edit | edit source]

Some of the textual content on the SPG3 Wikia is a mere placeholder, a copy-pasted information from SPGW that is fairly related to the current version of SPG3. Visual content, pictures, screenshots and videos are all from the Starpoint Gemini 3 game and are not brought over from previous titles. This will change with time, as we add more content and find enough time to write the unique lore and descriptions for several Wikia pages. SPG3 balance is changing on a daily basis, so some of the smaller presented information might be outdated. However, we will do our best to update the site as soon as possible. As the game progresses, new content will be regularly published and covered.