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The Titans Return DLC was announced on 2017-07-21[1], and released on 2017-08-10[2] alongside a small, un-numbered game patch. The expansion focuses on the new Titan-class ships available within the DLC and the newly-created storyline & Free-roam scenario surrounding them.

Poster for Titans Return

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Three new Titan-class vessels for pilots to command, the Defiance, Legion, & Juggernaut, with a fourth Titan, the Prosperity, available for for everyone free in the coinciding patch
  • A new storyline involving the new Titan ships, which includes new conquest mechanics
  • A new Free-roam scenario designed for immediate Titan-ready content
  • New "ultimate-aura" passive abilities for each Titan ship
  • Ability to show off any acquired Titan vessels at Concordia with the Titans trophy system

Coinciding game patch[edit | edit source]

The release of Titans Return coincided with a small, un-numbered game patch for the base game which includes some optimizations and bug fixes, as well as a Titan-class vessel to owners of the base game:

  • Massive stuttering reduction across the board
  • Additional carrier rebalancing
  • Programming and scripting fixes
  • Prosperity-class Titan added to the base game
    • The Prosperity is a Titan-class vessel obtainable by conducting chassis research on Concordia. Prosperity is a specialized utility & trading vessel which provides support bonuses.

Video Content[edit | edit source]

Title and Link Description Date
Starpoint Gemini Warlords: Titans Return DLC Trailer Initial Trailer for Titans Return 2017-07-21

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