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There are always things that can be improved & added to on any wiki -- this page is intended as a quick list of things that need to be done to give editors some ideas on what needs work, or where anyone can begin helping out. Please feel free to add to any other page if you'd like to do so instead - all help is appreciated!

Ongoing tasks[edit | edit source]

Authorial/Content Generation[edit | edit source]

  • Create/Update the page for the new Bounties feature released with Patch 1.100, as well as any later updates to features.
  • Maintain the DLC page & ensure it is up-to-date (Up-to-date thru the newest announced DLC, Titans
  • Maintain DLC-specific pages Deadly Dozen, Titans Return, Cycle of Warfare
  • Update Ships page with DLC-specific information (Once available).
  • Update the Patches page with Early Access versions prior to Beta Release Patch 0.900
  • Add a page for Warmasters - include number of Warmasters available, recruitment conditions, & pics are available.
  • Renovate/update SPGW Skills and Perks to include Perks added since end of EA & to address changes made in Patch 1.110
  • Add a page for Shipyards - where they can be found, what is available, etc.
  • Add information regarding Fleets

Editorial/General[edit | edit source]

  • Update Steam Achievements page to add new SPGW Achievements & icons, and create different sections for SPG2 & SPGW.
  • Add images to existing articles where relevant
  • Add internal links to other articles where relevant
  • Improve formatting/readability of existing articles
  • Update the Ships tables to correctly reflect new stats based on the Warlords_Data.xml raw data file provided by Geek on Steam forums & ensure items are routinely maintained with any published updates.