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Gemini star system is populated with a plethora of various objects. These objects can be categorized into the following groups.

Object Type Discription
  • Riftways are tunnels going through Gemini regions, connecting important places and areas. Riftways are artificial creations, originally developed and constructed by Gemini Space Engineering. While inside, ships gain significant Speed increase.
  • Riftways can be entered at any point and exited at any point as well. Autopilot is not possible *inside a Riftway and pilots have to navigate them on their own instead.
  • Riftways can be „cut off“ which is often used by outlaw captains to ambush an unsuspecting convoy.
  • A special random event is directly connected to Riftways.
  • Riftway instability causes ships to not reach full speed inside an affected Riftway.
  • Torrent Gates connect the most important places in Gemini almost instantaneously. Every Tgate can be connected with up to 5 other Tgates and the player can choose where to exit.
  • Tgates were, much like Riftways developed and constructed by Gemini Space Engineering, or to be more precise, by people who founded the GSE.
  • Using Tgates costs Credits.
  • Tgates can be disabled through scripts, which is usually done for the purpose of quests and random events.
Asteroid field
  • Asteroid fields are generated from asteroids, within the field area set in the World editor. All asteroids within a field can be mined.
  • Asteroid fields are visible on the Starchart (after they've been discovered), and they're all named to serve as a landmark.
  • Planets can be landed on, like stations, and offers much the same services. The main differences are in prices and supply/demand of goods.
  • All planets are named and visible on the Starchart (when discovered), thus serving as a landmark.
  • Some planets can have additional moons in their „orbit“ (better word is vicinity, since they are stationary). These moons can also function like planets (landing, services...)
  • Stations are stationary objects that can be encountered in all Gemini regions.
  • They offer various services (paid with Credits): repairing and upgrading ship, purchasing new vessels, rearming, hiring troopers and officers.
  • Every station is visually unique and serves as a landmark.
  • Stations are divided into station types so players can conclude in advance what type of products are available or in demand in advance etc..
  • All structures that are capable of defending itself (or attacking others), but arent' dockable like stations belong in this group.
  • This group consists of a range of structures: from small defense platforms up to large military installations.
  • Nebulas are generated inside predefined areas, set in the World editor.
  • They can contain gas pockets which can be harvested for Gases.
  • Nebulas are also named, and are visible on the Starchart so they serve as a landmark.
  • Junkyard is similar to an asteroid field. It is also generated inside a predefined area set in the World editor.
  • Individual junk pieces can be destroyed and harvested for spare materials.
  • Junkyard is also used as a landmark.
Area effect
  • Area effects are various anomalous areas. The main difference from anomalies is the sheer size an area effect can cover.
  • Area effects are not necessarily accompanied by a visual effect, but their effect is always shown on the main HUD.
  • Stationary (permanent) area effects are visible on the Starchart (when discovered) and are used as a landmark.
  • Anomalies are special objects that can distort space in their vicinity and have diverse effects (both positive and negative).
  • Anomaly scans can be sold on stations (usually research stations) or planets. More dangerous anomalies achieve higher prices.
  • By default anomalies that appear at random (and disappear after awhile) are given a predefined standard name, but there are also permanent anomalies that serve as landmarks.
  • Used in quests and in random scenery.
  • Derelicts can be found scattered around Gemini. Some are permanent and predefined (usually quest related), but most are generated randomly.
  • Derelicts can be harvested for commodities and ship systems.
Ion storm
  • Ion storm is a special kind of area effect.
  • Very destructive in nature and very unpredictable.
  • It appears at random (scripted as a series of events) in all Gemini regions.
  • The Vortex is a harvestable object that appears inside an Ion storm.
  • Harvesting the vortex yields Ionized gas, a very expensive commodity.
  • There is only one permanent Ion storm, or a kind of Ion storm called Maelstrom. It covers an entire same-named region.
  • Scenery covers all non-interactive (except collision) objects

encountered in Gemini.